Introducing the Simon Eskildsen Trio Simon Eskildsen Trio

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Label: Simon Eskildsen

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Contemporary Jazz

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  • 1Goru06:37
  • 2Fredet Land06:20
  • 3Jeep Dirts07:23
  • 4Grannystyle03:34
  • 5Helle06:43
  • 6Blanche03:53
  • 7Sterling No. 107:04
  • Total Runtime41:34

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The art of the piano trio is very difficult to master and yet very simple. It is all about chemistry. Three players trying to find a language together, traversing a path that has been explored so many times before.

Keeping the heavy heritage of the piano trio in mind, including leaders like Bill Evans, Ahmad Jamal, Oscar Peterson and Keith Jarrett, it is even more impressive when a young piano trio releases a debut that already seems fully formed. Pianist Simon Eskildsen and his trio with bassist Thomas Sejthen and drummer Daniel Sommer have done exactly that.

Eskildsen is a vital part of the bourgeoning jazz scene in Aarhus. Forget about Copenhagen for a moment, Aarhus is where young Danish jazz is moving forward today with the label Jaeger Collective and names like trumpeter Jakob Sorensen, pianist Kasper Staub, bassist Jens Mikkel Madsen and guitarist Alex Jonsson.

Simon Eskildsen, piano
Thomas Sejthen, bass
Daniel Sommer, drums

Simon Eskildsen Trio
Give a warm welcome to the Simon Eskildsen Trio! This new-founded supertrio aims to give the jazz-compositions of Simon Eskildsen the best possible vessel for improvisation and dialogue within music.

The trio recorded their first album live in December 2016, and the album is now out on vinyl and digital.

Daniel Sommer
just released his own, freely improvised duo-session album, with a long range of featuring artists from Denmark and abroad. Among others, he is playing with super-guitarist Marc Ducret and pianist and musical legend Butch Lacy. Sommer also plays in the danish Ornithopter, OrgelDuo and with Live Foyn Quartet among others. For this particular trio he provides energy, imagination and an almost telepathic connection with Eskildsen, from their long musical friendship.

Thomas Sejthen
Our bassist Thomas is widely known for his musical abilities. He is a regular in the Uffe Steen Trio and with Indra. He has a talent for elevating compositions, and always making the rest of the band sound great. He is also part of the more experimental danish group Admiral Awesome - a fresh take on jazz in recent years. Sejthen provides the grounding in the trio, but also ventures out and lifts the music up!

Simon Eskildsen
Pianist and frontman, Simon Eskildsen, is the architect of the trio. He provides the musical blueprints for the band to take off from. Simon is also known for his part in danish afrobeat band AddisAbabaBand, his duo with german sax-player Benjamin Himpel and as Organ player in OrgelDuo among others. He values improvisation and will to go on tangents while still maintaining musical direction. His compositions propels the group, and inspires the improvisations.

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