Gospels, Spirituals, & Hymns Mahalia Jackson

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Label: Columbia / Legacy

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Soul

Artist: Mahalia Jackson

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  • 1Didn't It Rain02:38
  • 2My God Is Real (Yes, God Is Real)03:37
  • 3Walk Over God's Heaven02:14
  • 4If I Can Help Somebody03:46
  • 5Come On Children, Let's Sing01:54
  • 6What a Friend We Have In Jesus04:06
  • 7I Found the Answer04:17
  • 8It Is Well with My Soul05:32
  • 9Great Gettin' Up Morning03:41
  • 10You Must Be Born Again01:59
  • 11Elijah Rock05:03
  • 12Jesus Met the Woman at the Well02:25
  • 13A Satisfied Mind03:08
  • 14Keep Your Hand On the Plow02:29
  • 15Roll, Jordan, Roll03:57
  • 16Calvary03:44
  • 17In My Home Over There03:22
  • 18I Will Move On Up a Little Higher05:26
  • 19In the Upper Room07:10
  • 20The Christian's Testimony02:32
  • 21If We Never Needed the Lord Before (We Sure Do Need Him Now)04:19
  • 22A City Called Heaven02:48
  • 23Trouble of the World04:44
  • 24Without God I Could Do Nothing04:39
  • 25Take My Hand, Precious Lord04:12
  • 26Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho02:05
  • 27His Eye Is On the Sparrow04:21
  • 28God Put a Rainbow In the Sky03:09
  • 29He's Got the Whole World In His Hands02:38
  • 30A Rusty Old Halo02:18
  • 31Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen03:45
  • 32Dear Lord, Forgive02:27
  • 33I'm Going to Live the Life I Sing About In My Song04:01
  • 34Search Me Lord03:24
  • 35If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again03:21
  • 36Walk On By Faith03:53
  • Total Runtime02:09:04

Info for Gospels, Spirituals, & Hymns

Mahalia Jackson was known as the 'Gospel Queen' for over a half a century, until her death in 1972. She is still regarded as the greatest gospel singer of all time. On the double album set „Gospels, Spirituals, & Hymns“, the listener is treated to Mahalia's best work from the '50s and '60s; a sweeping education in gospel, jazz and blues when Sister Mahalia testifies.

Inspiration is the cornerstone of this passionate collection. The 36 songs range from the rock-the-pulpit, foot-stomping 'Come On Children, Let's Sing' to deeply, internal blue ballads like 'If I Can Help Somebody.' Spirituals, gospels and hymns were used to 'praise the Lord' ('What A Friend We Have In Jesus'), to teach the Bible ('Didn't It Rain') or to relieve the pain of slavery ('Great Gettin' Up Morning'). Others were for simple inspiration; listen to 'Trouble Of The World,' for instance, and bear witness to how Jackson moves the soul. Then there's the wondrous, live 'Elijah Rock,' as infectious as any hip-hop single.

The moniker 'Gospel Queen' and her imposing, historic image might create the false image of intense, foreboding music, but quite is the opposite that is true. Mahalia's music is joyous and approachable. She took the restrictions of Negro church music and loosened it, almost freeing its soul in a more accessible, jazzy direction. There is the promise of a brighter future in her music, that often speaks of despairing times.

She has a remarkable range, dense and sumptuous on the dark 'My God Is Real,' and soulful and soaring on 'It Is Well With My Soul.' Then there's her country-sounding take on 'I Found The Answer.' The connection of traditional black gospel music to country music is a good lesson in roots, with 'Satisfied Mind' serving as a prime example.

Nothing reaches the soul the way the human voice does, and it effectively makes its presence known on this magnificent collection. There are numerous accomplished musicians represented, but it is Mahalia Jackson who stands boldly in the spotlight, speaking to the Creator who gave her the gift of her voice, and ability to articulate true spirituality.

„Although it's missing some of her classic performances, the double-disc set Gospels, Spirituals & Hymns is nonetheless an excellent introduction to Mahalia Jackson, arguably the greatest gospel singer of all time. The box set features 36 performances she recorded for Columbia between 1954 and 1969, offering a comprehensive, but by no means exhaustive, introduction to Jackson and her most popular work.“ (Leo Stanley, AMG)

Mahalia Jackson, vocals
A. Hendrickson, guitar
Clifton Best, guitar
Herb Ellis, guitar
Art Ryerson, guitar
Jimmy Raney, guitar
Edward David Robinson, piano
Mildred Falls, piano
Ralph Jones, organ
A. Goodson, organ
Alfred Miller, organ
Willie Webb, organ
Lilton Mitchell, organ
Gordon 'Specs' Powell, drums
J. Williams, drums
Gus Johnson, drums
Osie Johnson, drums
Shelly Manne, drums
Norris 'Bunny' Shawker, drums
Billy Preston, programming
Jack Halloran, background vocals

Digitally remastered

Mahalia Jackson
Born in New Orleans in 1911, Mahalia Jackson grew up in a shotgun home shared by 13 people. Raised by her Aunt Duke after her mother died in 1917, economic circumstances forced Jackson to quit school and work at home when she was in fourth grade. Her earliest influences were the sights and sounds of Uptown New Orleans: banana steamships on the Mississippi River, acorns roasting in Audubon Park, hot jazz bands, the beat-driven music of the Sanctified Church, and Bessie Smith's bluesy voice wafting from her cousin Fred's record player. But Jackson found her greatest inspiration at Mt. Moriah Baptist Church, where she sang on Wednesday, Friday, and four times on Sunday. Even at age 12, her powerful voice could be heard all the way to the end of the block. "You going to be famous in this world and walk with kings and queens," said her Aunt Bell, predicting an illustrious future for a voice that would change the face of American music, empower the Civil Rights movement, and bring Mahalia Jackson worldwide renown. Visit: www.mahaliajackson.us

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