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Label: Signum Classics

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Choral

Artist: The King's Singers

Composer: Hippolito Baccusi, Ippolito Sabino (1540-1593), Orazio Vecchi (1550-1605), Giovanni Gabrieli (1557-1612), Alfonso Preti (ca. 1500-1600), Oratio Colombani (1550-1595), Giovanni Cavaccio (1556-1626), Giovanni Cavaccio (1556-1626), Paolo Bozzi (1930-2003), Tiburzio Massaino (1550-1608), Giammateo Asola (1532-1609), Giammateo Asola (1532-1609), Philippe de Monte (1521-1603), Philippe de Monte (1521-1603), Pietro Andrea Bonini (ca. 1500-1600), Pietro Andrea Bonini (ca. 1500-1600), Alessandro Striggio (1540-1592), Leone Leoni (1509-1590), Felice Anerio (1560-1614), Gasparo Zerto (1550-1600), Gasparo Zerto (1550-1600), Lelio Bertani (1554-1612), Lodovico Balbi (1545-1604), Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (1550-1622), Costanzo Porta (1528-1601), Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594)

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  • Hippolito Baccusi (?):
  • 1Un giorno a Pale sacro03:06
  • Ippolito Sabino (1540-1593):
  • 2Dove sorge piacevole02:49
  • Orazio Vecchi (1550-1605):
  • 3Hor ch'ogni vento tace03:22
  • Giovanni Gabrieli (1557-1612):
  • 4Se cantano gli augelli02:30
  • Alfonso Preti (ca. 1500-1600):
  • 5Ninfe a danzar venite01:50
  • Luca Marenzio (1553-1599):
  • 6Leggiadre ninfe e pastorelli amanti02:43
  • Giovanni de Macque (1548-1614):
  • 7Vaghe ninfe selvagge02:44
  • Oratio Colombani (1550-1595):
  • 8All'apparir di Dori02:16
  • Giovanni Cavaccio (1556-1626):
  • 9Giunta qui Dori, e pastorelli amanti03:05
  • Annibale Stabile (1535-1595):
  • 10Nel tempo che ritorna02:30
  • Paolo Bozzi (1930-2003):
  • 11All'ombra d'un bel faggio02:49
  • Tiburzio Massaino (1550-1608):
  • 12Su le fiorite sponde02:14
  • Giammateo Asola (1532-1609):
  • 13In una verde piaggia02:12
  • Giulio Eremita (1550-1600):
  • 14Smeraldi eran le rive02:16
  • Philippe de Monte (1521-1603):
  • 15Lungo le chiare linfe01:46
  • Giovanni Croce (1557-1609):
  • 16Ove tra l'herbe e fiori02:33
  • Pietro Andrea Bonini (ca. 1500-1600):
  • 17Quando lieta vezzosa02:19
  • Alessandro Striggio (1540-1592):
  • 18Eran ninfe e pastori02:08
  • Giovanni Florio (1553-1625):
  • 19Piu trasparente velo02:32
  • Leone Leoni (1509-1590):
  • 20Di pastorali accenti02:40
  • Felice Anerio (1560-1614):
  • 21Sotto l'ombroso speco02:44
  • Gasparo Zerto (1550-1600):
  • 22L'inargentato lido02:35
  • Ruggiero Giovannelli (1560-1625):
  • 23Quand'apparisti o vag'o amata Dori02:23
  • Gasparo Costa (ca. 1550-1600):
  • 24Mentr'a quest'ombr'intorno02:59
  • Lelio Bertani (1554-1612):
  • 25Dori a quest'ombre e l'aura02:02
  • Lodovico Balbi (1545-1604):
  • 26Mentre pastori e ninfe01:57
  • Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi (1550-1622):
  • 27Al mormorar de' liquidi cristalli02:37
  • Costanzo Porta (1528-1601):
  • 28Da lo spuntar de' matutini albori02:36
  • Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (1525-1594):
  • 29Quando dal terzo cielo02:25
  • Total Runtime01:12:42

Info for Il Trionfo di Dori

The King’s Singers perform the complete Italian madrigal collection Il Trionfo di Dori. Commissioned by Venetian nobleman Leonardo Sanudo in 1592, the collection features 29 works, each written by a different composer and poet, and set for nine voices. Among them are Vecchi, Gabrieli, Marenzio, de Monte, Striggio, Anerio, Gastoldi, Porta and Palestrina.

"The King's Singers bring this great monument of Italian music history to striding life." (Sinfini Music)

"The King’s Singers are on top form, singing with a sunny freshness appropriate to this happy music, blending beautifully, and moving as one into crescendos and decrescendos, ranging in dynamic from a whispering pianissimo to declamatory episodes of high drama." (Early Music Review)

" A masterclass in delicate phrasing, elegant lines, exemplary Italian and effortless madrigalian expression with standards of intonation to languish after...delizioso." (Choir & Organ)

"The King's Singers turn out their characteristic, highly polished finish: diction is razor-sharp, ensemble and intonation are well-nigh flawless." (BBC Music Magazine)

The King's Singers

The King's Singers
Acclaimed worldwide for their virtuosity, life-affirming energy and charm, The King’s Singers are in global demand. Their work, synonymous with the very best in vocal ensemble performance, appeals to a vast international audience. Performing to hundreds of thousands of people each season, the group tours regularly to Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australasia. Instantly recognisable for their immaculate intonation, vocal blend, diction and incisive timing, The King’s Singers are consummate entertainers.

The group’s repertoire has evolved to become one of the most diverse and compelling imaginable. The King’s Singers have commissioned over 200 works, including landmark pieces from leading contemporary composers including Luciano Berio, György Ligeti, Sir James MacMillan, Krzysztof Penderecki, Toru Takemitsu, Sir John Tavener, Gabriela Lena Frank and Eric Whitacre. They have also commissioned arrangements of everything from jazz standards to pop chart hits, explored medieval motets and Renaissance madrigals, and encouraged young composers to write new scores.

In addition to performing to capacity audiences and creating highly regarded and much-loved recordings, The King’s Singers share their artistry through numerous workshops and masterclasses around the world. In June 2017, the group will host their inaugural U.S. Summer School at DePauw University, Indiana and in July 2017 will return for their 3rd U.K. Summer School at Royal Holloway (part of the University of London) where they are also Ensemble in Residence. Among the work supported by The King’s Singers Foundation, A Carol for Christmas is a composition competition that seeks to encourage young and up-coming composers, giving the winners the chance for their piece to be performed in King’s College Chapel (Cambridge, UK).

Double Grammy® award-winning artists, the group were honoured in 2009 for their Signum Classics release, Simple Gifts, and again in 2012 for their contribution to Eric Whitacre’s Light and Gold album on Universal/Decca. Recently voted into Gramophone Hall of Fame, rave reviews and repeated sell-out concerts confirm that The King’s Singers remain one of the world’s finest vocal ensembles.

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