Rameau: Concerts en Sextuor Les Dominos & Florence Malgoire

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Label: Ricercar

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Concertos

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  • Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683 – 1764): 6e Concert
  • 1I. La poule04:34
  • 2II. Menuet I - Menuet II03:11
  • 3III. L'enharmonique (Gracieusement)05:32
  • 4IV. L'egyptienne (Moderement)02:45
  • 5V. Les Sauvages02:21
  • 1er Concert
  • 6I. La Coulicam (Allegro moderato)03:40
  • 7II. La Livri (Rondeau gracieusement)03:01
  • 8III. La Vezinet (Gayement sans vitesse)03:27
  • 2e Concert
  • 9I. La Laborde (Rondement)03:57
  • 10II. La Boucon (Air gracieusement)04:47
  • 11III. L'Agacante (Rondement)02:38
  • 12IV. Menuet I - V. Menuet II en rondeau04:23
  • 3e Concert
  • 13I. La La Popliniere (Rondement)03:07
  • 14II. La Timide (Rondeau I, gracieusement ? Rondeau II)05:35
  • 15III. Tambourin I - IV. Tambourin II02:44
  • 4e Concert
  • 16I. La Pantomime (Loure vivement)03:13
  • 17II. L'Indiscrete (Allegro vivace Rondeau)01:42
  • 18III. La Rameau (Rondement)04:13
  • 5e Concert
  • 19I. La Forqueray (Fugue)04:46
  • 20II. La Cupis (Moderement)05:46
  • 21III. La Marais (Rondement)02:31
  • Total Runtime01:17:53

Info for Rameau: Concerts en Sextuor

Ricercar could not help but participate in celebrating Rameau Year. It is Florence Malgoire’s ensemble LES DOMINOS that pays this tribute with a very rarely played repertoire. This is what Camille Saint-Saëns called Concerts en Sextuor in the edition of Rameau’s works that he undertook at the end of the 19th century. To carry out this monumental project, he started from a manuscript executed, it would seem, by a certain Monsieur Decroix in 1768, i.e., four years after the composer’s death. These Concerts de Monsieur Rameau are, in fact, transcriptions in six parts of the Pièces de Clavecin en Concert that Rameau had conceived at the outset from his harpsichord pieces with accompaniment by violin or flute and bass viol. This adaptation by M. Decroix is quite enigmatic, and Les Dominos give us a colourful reading of it, combining with the strings two emblematic instruments of Rameau’s orchestra: flutes and bassoon.

Les Dominos:
Florence Malgoire, violin
Stéphanie de Failly, violin
Sue Ying Koang, violin
Simon Heyerick, viola
Claire Giardelli, bass violin with 5 strings
Cyril Poulet, cello
Evolène Kiener, bassoon
Serge Saitta, flutes & piccolos
Amélie Michel, flutes & piccolos
Laurent Stewart, harpsichord
Florence Malgoire, conductor

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