Stravinsky: Grand Suite From Histoire Du Soldat / Dumbarton Oaks Concerto Paavo Jarvi

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  • Grande Suite from Histoire du Soldat
  • 1I. Marche du soldat (Soldier's March)01:59
  • 2II. Petit airs au bord du ruisseau (Aires by a Stream)02:58
  • 3III. Pastorale03:52
  • 4IV. Marche royale (Royal March)02:45
  • 5V. Petit concert (Little Concert)03:11
  • 6VI. 3 Danses (3 Dances): I. Tango02:17
  • 7VI. 3 danses (3 Dances): II. Valse02:04
  • 8VI. 3 danses (3 Dances): III. Ragtime02:12
  • 9VII. Danse du diable (Devil's Dance)01:34
  • 10VIII. Grand Choral (Great Chorale)03:04
  • 11IX. Marche triomphale du diable (The Devil's Triumphant March)02:15
  • Ragtime
  • 12Ragtime04:45
  • Histoire du soldat: Petit Choral - Little Chorale
  • 13Histoire du soldat: Petit Choral (Little Chorale)00:46
  • Concerto in E flat major, Dumbarton Oaks
  • 14I. Tempo giusto04:55
  • 15II. Allegretto04:34
  • 16III. Con moto05:43
  • Concerto in D major for String Orchestra
  • 17I. Vivace06:33
  • 18II. Arioso: Andantino02:42
  • 19III. Rondo: Allegro03:25
  • Suite No. 1
  • 20I. Andante01:35
  • 21II. Napolitana01:16
  • 22III. Espanola01:09
  • 23IV. Balalaika01:00
  • Suite No. 2
  • 24I. Marche01:27
  • 25II. Valse02:15
  • 26III. Polka01:01
  • 27IV. Galop01:57
  • Total Runtime01:13:14

Info for Stravinsky: Grand Suite From Histoire Du Soldat / Dumbarton Oaks Concerto

This lively and lovable album of Stravinsky's neoclassical and small ensemble pieces stands with the best available. The two Suites for Small Orchestra never have been better done, the opening Andante taken a bit more slowly than usual so as to wring every drop of sweet nostalgia from the music, while the concluding Galop offers brilliance and high spirits galore. The same observations apply to the Soldier's Tale Suite, with superb contributions from trumpet, double bass, violin, and percussion making for a winning performance, energized by Paavo Järvi's clean rhythms and vigorous tempos. The players bring a toe-tapping spring to the Three Danses, while the devil's music has apt ferocity and an entirely appropriate, cartoonish intensity.

Ragtime also goes about as well as any version around, while the two concertos sound much less dry than usual, a combination of open, airy textures and warm sonics. Speaking of which, in multi-channel format there are some strong reflections from the rear speakers in loud sections, but otherwise we hear natural instrumental placement and good front to back depth. Stereo, of course, eliminates the rear channels, but in this case it sounds a bit flat, comparatively speaking. Certainly the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen is a world-class chamber orchestra, and it does itself proud here. If you like "little" Stravinsky, you'll enjoy this release very much. (David Hurwitz,

Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen
Paavo Järvi, Conductor

TAS Recommended! Rated a 'Best Audiophile Label Recording' in the November 2009 issue of The Absolute Sound!

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