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Label: Sony Classical

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

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  • Francesco Tristano (b. 1981):
  • 1Hotel Meguro03:38
  • 2Neon City03:45
  • 3Electric Mirror04:04
  • 4Chi No Oto02:25
  • 5The Third Bridge at Nakameguro03:13
  • 6Lazaro04:13
  • 7Yoyogi Reset03:46
  • 8Insomnia04:34
  • Francesco Tristano, Michel Portal (b. 1935):
  • 9Cafe Shinjuku03:03
  • Francesco Tristano, U-zhaan (b. 1977):
  • 10Pakuchi04:42
  • Francesco Tristano:
  • 11Akasaka Interlude02:08
  • 12Nogizaka02:08
  • Francesco Tristano, Keiichiro Shibuya (b. 1973):
  • 13Gate of Entry03:34
  • Francesco Tristano:
  • 14Ginza Reprise03:09
  • Francesco Tristano, Hiroshi Watanabe (b. 1971):
  • 15Bokeh Tomorrow03:36
  • Francesco Tristano:
  • 16Kusakabe-san04:34
  • Total Runtime56:32

Info for Tokyo Stories

The new album “Tokyo Stories” captures Edition Finnjun / Fondue Music artist Francesco Tristano’s deeply held admiration for the city in 16 original compositions for piano, synthesizers and electronics.

The album reflects his long personal connection to Tokyo, with each piece or ‘story’ crystallizing experiences that range from the profound to the happily serendipitous. Composed by Tristano and recorded primarily in Tokyo, the album features a variety of guest artists on several tracks, including the Japanese musicians U-zhaan, Keiichiro Shibuya and Hiroshi Watanabe, Argentine electronic artist Guti and legendary French musician Michel Portal.

“Tokyo Stories is my ode to the Nippon capital. After about 40 visits to the Neon Jungle it seemed natural to record my music there, and then most of the compositions originated while being in Tokyo, a city I came to love so much. Inspiration came from my local habits, rituals, and places visited. Japanese musi-cian friends joined me in the studio - incidentally, one of the most beautiful studios I have ever recorded in - and I also recorded the sounds of the city amply. These field recordings are the vademecum of the pro-ject and bits of it are found throughout the album. A city as enormous, heterogeneous and altogether un-thinkable as Tokyo called for rather brief pieces, each of them counting a story, or a precise memory in time.“ - Francesco Tristano.

Francesco Tristano, piano

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