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Label: ECM

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Danish String Quartet

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  • Traditional:
  • 1Despair Not, O Heart (Arr. For String Quartet)01:21
  • Fredrik Sjølin:
  • 2Shore02:51
  • Traditional:
  • 3Polska From Dorotea (Arr. For String Quartet)03:04
  • Gjermund Haugen:
  • 4Tjønneblomen (Arr. For String Quartet)03:52
  • Traditional:
  • 5Minuet No. 60 (Arr. For String Quartet)02:40
  • 6Æ Rømeser (Arr. For String Quartet)04:02
  • Fredrik Sjølin:
  • 7Intermezzo01:23
  • Rune Tonsgaard Sorensen:
  • 8Shine You No More03:38
  • Traditional:
  • 9Drømte mig en drøm (Arr. For String Quartet)03:46
  • 10Stædelil (Arr. For String Quartet)02:45
  • Fredrik Sjølin:
  • 11Naja's Waltz03:19
  • Traditional:
  • 12Unst Boat Song (Arr. For String Quartet)04:48
  • Eva Sæhter:
  • 13Fastän (Arr. For String Quartet)02:43
  • Traditional:
  • 14Hur var du i aftes så sildig (Arr. For String Quartet)02:00
  • 15The Dromer (Arr. For String Quartet)03:01
  • 16Now Found Is The Fairest Of Roses (Arr. For String Quartet)03:01
  • Total Runtime48:14

Info for Last Leaf

They are widely recognised as the most exciting young string quartet of the present moment, bringing new insights to contemporary composition and core classical repertoire. In parallel, they have also made surprising and impressive forays into the world of Nordic folk music. Their 2014 album Wood Works (Dacapo Records) was a left-field hit, and audiences around the world have been delighted by concert performances of the music. Now the Danish String Quartet bring their folk project to ECM with a stirring new recording. Fästan takes off from an unusual Christmas hymn, “Now found is the fairest of roses”, published in 1732 by Danish theologian and poet H.A. Brorson. The hymn is set to a mysterious, dark melody: Brorson had chosen an old Lutheran funeral choral to accompany his Christmas hymn, elegantly showing how life and death are always connected. “From here we embark on a travel through the rich fauna of Nordic folk melodies until returning to Brorson in the end,” say the DSQ. “It is a journey that could have been made in many different ways, but we believe that we returned with some nice souvenirs. In these old melodies, we find immense beauty and depth, and we can't help but sing them through the medium of our string quartet. Brorson found the fairest of roses, we found a bunch of amazing tunes – and we hope you will enjoy what we did to them.”

Danish String Quartet

Danish String Quartet
As a string quartet, we find ourselves at the core of the classical music world. On a daily basis we delve deeply into works by great masters such as Beethoven and Mozart, but we also play the occasional folk gig. Over the years we have been fortunate to study in many different places in masterclasses with renowned teachers and have had opportunities to perform in major concert halls across the world. Sometimes a friendly reviewer has written nice things about us too. We have participated in competitions and made some recordings as well. If you want to know more about all this stuff, check out the ‘press‘ page on our site, where you can download a PDF with all the text you could hope for.

Here’s a simpler story of the quartet: We are three Danes and one Norwegian cellist, making this a truly Scandinavian endeavor. We are often joking about ourselves being modern Vikings – perhaps a touch more harmless than our ancestors – we are not pillaging cities or razing the English coastline! We are simply your friendly neighborhood string quartet with above average amounts of beard.The three of us met very early in our lives in the Danish countryside at an amazing summer camp for enthusiastic amateur musicians. Not yet teenagers, we were the youngest players, so we hung out all the time playing football and chamber music together. During the regular school year we would get together often to play music and just have fun. We became best friends. In 2001, professor Tim Frederiksen of The Royal Academy of Music in Copenhagen got in touch with us and started coaching us on a regular basis. All of the sudden, at the ages of 15 and 16, we were a serious string quartet. It all happened so fast that none of us seemed to notice the transition.

Time passed and we grew up. We were enrolled at The Royal Academy of Music and our life as music students had begun. Funnily enough, none of us have any memory of our lives without the string quartet. In 2008 Norwegian cellist Fredrik joined in, generously adding to the amount of beard and general Vikingness of the group. We found him hidden away in a castle outside Stockholm. During his free time, Fredrik can be found fixing or sailing his sailboat somewhere in Scandinavia.The rest of us spend time with different hobbies – old cars, cooking, gaming, reading, playing, talking, and drinking. Yes, playing string quartets is our job, and yes it is hard work, but we mostly do it for pleasure, like we always did.There is so much amazing music to delve into, and our hope is to continue our travels through life and music together as a quartet. We want to be able to share our music with as many people as possible. And of course, the ultimate goal is to beat Valentin Berlinsky’s (Borodin String quartet) world record of “most years in the same chamber music group”. We will reach that goal around 2060 and on that day we will host a giant feast – you shall all be invited!

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