Weightless FARR

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Label: Farr International Limited

Genre: R&B

Subgenre: Hip Hop Soul

Artist: FARR

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  • 1Weightless00:59
  • 2Blades03:32
  • 3Reversible03:12
  • 4Life04:15
  • 5Up (Interlude)01:26
  • 6Wildflowers03:18
  • 7Heal Me03:35
  • 8Magic03:35
  • 9Paranoid (Intro)00:55
  • 10Paranoid03:17
  • 11Technicolour02:34
  • 12Freedom05:34
  • Total Runtime36:12

Info for Weightless

One of our favorite bands of 2019 was the duo FARR. Vocalist Roméo and producer Linden Jay are disrupting alternative pop and re-engineering the electronic soul genre. Their first release of 2020, “Heal Me” from their forthcoming album “Weightless, has taken their transformational sound to a whole new level. They describe it as “Medicine for the soul. Born from London loneliness, the track is full of heartfelt longing for missed loved ones.“


comprised of vocalist Roméo and producer Linden Jay, met in May 2016 at a random but fated studio session that would snowball into the beginnings of an incredible new hybrid electronic project.

Roméo is based in Los Angeles and Linden in London, but despite the distance, and with the help of modern technology, they’ve managed to stay connected and write through voice notes and audio messages between studio sessions. The product is a cross pollination of global styles with a modern edge and classic feel.

Roméo grew up in LA in a music-loving household and was always encouraged to play instruments and write songs. “My mom used to blast everything from 90s House to Latin Jazz, and my dad gave me my first album, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. I was always around people playing and creating music. I couldn’t fall asleep unless the volume was at 11.” Roméo’s songwriting has pop roots, but it is heavily influenced by soul/R&B singers like Aretha Franklin, Otis Redding, and D’Angelo.

London-born and bred Linden Jay is a diverse artist from a new generation of creatives with a multi-faceted skill set that includes producer, multi-instrumentalist, sound engineer and musical director. Linden’s production brings together a classic, nostalgic feeling with textures of contemporary electronic beats.

With a diverse background, duo FARR are delivering a twist on alternative pop and electronic soul music unlike anything heard today – a fearless sonic representation of who they are and where they’ve come from.

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