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Label: Ozella Music

Genre: Blues

Subgenre: Blues Rock

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  • 1It Seems Strange… (Intro)00:37
  • 2(She Said That) Evil Was Her Name03:37
  • 3Song For David (alternative version)05:14
  • 4Have The Roses Gone Dry03:13
  • 5I'm Sad03:55
  • 6Living On Love03:12
  • 7Jesus In A Bottle03:50
  • 8A Fool For Her Body (Skit)00:46
  • 9Witching Hour03:11
  • 10Give Me All Your Love03:14
  • 11I Still Remember (Skit)01:03
  • 12A Taste Of The Blues03:48
  • 13Baby I Love You03:37
  • 14The Loved04:00
  • 15(She Said That) Evil Was Her Name (Full Edit)05:41
  • 16Passing Ships03:40
  • 17The End Of The Day (Outro)01:05
  • Total Runtime53:43

Info for Living On Love Remastered Edition

Pete Alderton may come from a rural town in England, but the authenticity of his music (blues) has been with him for a long time. The man with afro-american roots and his passion for love and life proves it on his album „living on love“ that he is as versatile in his singing as he is in his music - always crossing the borderline, but always keeping it in his own style.

Pete Alderton doesn‘t have to live the Blues to make this album credible.

Born in England, the son of an American G.I. stationed in England has his roots firmly tied down in this album, always crossing the borderline between Blues and Singer/songwriting. Pete either plays in a duo/trio or with a five man formation soul R&B, always keeping his own brand of Blues/ singersongwriter/pop and sometimes adding a touch of Latin Flair, with his rugged voice that in certain moments never misses it‘s aim at the softness in the Ballads. The 50 year old singer/ songwriter and Harp player also has a large reputation as live artist.

Everything that puts Pete in the league of Singer/Songwriting can be heard on his Album „LIVING ON LOVE“ with songs from his life on the road, his loves, with all the joy and pain, even touching onto the spiritual love that we sometimes seem to dismiss (almost all of us can identify ourselves with his songs). Pete Alderton puts his whole soul into his singing, so sophisticated as J.J.Cale, as cool as Issac Hayes, and even gets closer to the late and great Howlin Wolf with the Popa Chubby song „Evil Was Her Name„.

Pete is supported on this 17 Track album by the Multi-instrumentalist Carsten Mentzel, Dagobert Böhm (acoustic guitar), Siggi Zufacher (bass) and Michel Roggenland (drums).

„LIVING ON LOVE“ is a mixture of Laid Back Acoustic Blues, Singer/Songwriting and Ballads, also adding a touch of modern day Pop. It doesn‘t matter how Pete lives or proclaims his Blues, with „LIVING ON LOVE“ the Englishman has produced an excellent Album (straight and good). If the Flowers that he sings about in his ballad „Have The Roses Gone Dry“ wilt, this album should keep you company for a long time to come.

Pete Alderton, vocals
Carsten Mentzel, guitars, bass, Fender Rhodes, percussion
Dagobert Böhm, guitar (Track 5)
Siggi Zufacher, bass (Tracks 9, 10)
Michel Roggenland, drums

Digitally remastered.

Pete Alderton was born in Felixstowe, England as the son of an American G.I. and an English mother. His sphere of activity is in Germany, where he lives now as a resident of Paderborn. Specialized on blues classics he started his career with the debut album Living On Love, which was released on Ozella Music in 2006. This album was produced by Carsten Mentzel and Dagobert Böhm.

Pete is supported by the same team on his new album Cover My Blues, which was released in March, 2009. Pete, who sings and plays blues harp, is joined by Carsten Mentzel (guitar, bass, keys), Gerold Kukulenz (upright bass), Michel Roggenland (drums) and further guest musicians.

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