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Label: Sony Classical

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Film

Artist: Inon Zur

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  • Inon Zur (b. 1965):
  • 1Into the Storm03:20
  • 2One More Day03:26
  • 3Shelaya03:52
  • 4Champions02:10
  • 5Over the Stones of the Gray04:19
  • 6Fire Dance03:56
  • 7Winter Song02:33
  • 8Tale of a Knight04:56
  • 9Duel of Hearts03:53
  • 10Lament of Creide03:10
  • 11Far Away04:14
  • 12The Forest03:11
  • 13Sun is Shining05:14
  • Total Runtime48:14

Info for Into the Storm

If you play videogames, you’ve almost definitely heard the music of Inon Zur. One of the most prolific composers of game music, over the last 20 years Zur has worked on such games as Prince of Persia, Crysis, Dragon’s Dogma and Soulcalibur V. He’s best known for his work with the Fallout series, where he’s composed the music for Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Fallout 4 and Fallout 76. He also composed the scores for Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II, defining how the rich fantasy world of Thedas sounds.

Zur’s Dragon Age work looms large over the song “Shelaya.” The second single from his upcoming major label debut Into the Storm (which is out on June 7 from Sony Music Masterworks), “Shelaya” dates back to when Zur was working on Dragon Age II, and features vocals from Aubrey Ashburn, who also sang multiple songs in Dragon Age II. On “Shelaya” Ashburn performs alongside the City of Prague Philharmonic, and it has a mystical passion and poignant yearning that recalls Zur and Ashburn’s work on Bioware’s role-playing game.

Inon Zur said that the track was; “reminiscent of the previous scores I wrote for fantasy games, based on and inspired by the soundscapes and music-scapes I created for games like Dragon Age, EverQuest, Icewind Dale, Baldur’s Gate, and others...” The music video captures that classic fantasy aesthetic in its visual direction.

Inon Zur
(born July 4, 1965) is an Israeli American award-winning music composer. Originally writing for movies and television, he later moved into composing for video games. He has been described as being "internationally recognized as one of the A-list orchestral composers in the video games industry". During his career to date, Zur has composed the music to over 40 video games, 15 television shows, and 10 movies, as well as many movie trailers. He has been nominated for numerous awards, and has won three—a Telly Award in 1997 for Best Score on ''Power Rangers: Turbo'', a Game Audio Network Guild award in 2004 for Best Original Instrumental track for ''Men of Valor'', and a Hollywood Music in Media Award in 2009 for Best Original Song – Video Game for ''Dragon Age: Origins''. He currently lives in Encino, California, in the United States, and is composing the scores for several unreleased games.

Inon Zur was born in Israel. As early as five years old, he was trying to compose harmonies with his mother's singing, and became inspired by classical music. He learned to play french horn as a child, studied piano by the age of eight, and was studying composition by the age of ten.He graduated from the Music Academy of Tel Aviv, and spent four years in the Israeli military. Zur feels that this military experience matured him as a person and taught him to appreciate life and work hard at what he does. He emigrated to the United States in 1990 to study at the Dick Grove School of Music for a year, and then under private tutor Jack Smalley, a television music composer, and others for two years at the University of California, Los Angeles.

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