Hello Exile The Menzingers

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Label: Epitaph

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Adult Alternative

Artist: The Menzingers

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  • 1America (You're Freaking Me Out)03:35
  • 2Anna03:29
  • 3High School Friend04:26
  • 4Last To Know03:53
  • 5Strangers Forever03:01
  • 6Hello Exile04:26
  • 7Portland02:44
  • 8Strain Your Memory04:04
  • 9I Can't Stop Drinking05:10
  • 10Strawberry Mansion03:04
  • 11London Drugs03:18
  • 12Farewell Youth04:37
  • Total Runtime45:47

Info for Hello Exile

Philadelphia-based punk band, The Menzingers are set to release their sixth studio album, Hello Exile. Produced by Will Yip (Title Fight, Quicksand), the album is the follow-up to the band’s 2017 critically acclaimed release After The Party. Since forming as teenagers in 2006, The Menzingers have shown their strength as rough-and-tumble storytellers, turning out songs equally rooted in frenetic energy and lifelike detail. On their new album Hello Exile, the band take their lyrical narrative to a whole new level and share their reflections on moments from the past and present: high-school hellraising, troubled relationships, aging and alcohol and political ennui. And while their songs often reveal certain painful truths, Hello Exile ultimately maintains the irrepressible spirit that’s always defined the band.

"If After The Party felt like growing up, then Hello Exile is finally accepting it, and that’s definitely not a bad thing. Musically, the album is the band’s most mature and diverse release yet, and lyrically, it’s filled with some of their most personal and emotional songs they’ve ever written. Combine the two, and Hello Exile is absolutely in the running to become The Menzingers’ best album yet. Although, I’m sure they’ll just go to top it again with the next one." (Shannon Shumaker, thepreludepress.com)

Eric Keen, bass
Greg Barnett, vocals, guitar
Joe Godino, drums, percussion
Tom May, vocals, guitar

The Menzingers
Rising punk rock band The Menzingers create a rousing sound featuring crashing power chords, rock steady drumming and anthemic sing-along choruses alongside powerfully poetic everyman lyrics. The group's Epitaph Records debut album On The Impossible Past is available now.

On The Impossible Past was recorded at Atlas Studios in Chicago with longtime collaborators Matt Allison (Alkaline Trio, The Lawrence Arms) and Justin Yates. While the record retains all the raucous spirit of the band's earlier efforts sonically, it's a monumental step forward. "I think that 'Gates' is one of the most mature songs on the album," guitarist/vocalist Tom May explains, referencing the tender rock song sung by Barnett that truly transcends genres. "I hope it surprises people because it's not a straight-forward punk song with gang vocals or anything like that but it still definitely sounds like us."

It's undoubtedly been an exciting time for The Menzingers, touring with acts like Against Me! and The Gaslight Anthem as well as playing their own headlining shows to enthusiastic audiences and the band wouldn't change it for the world. "I get a lot of personal emails that say something to the effect of 'my girlfriend broke up with me or my dad died and I listen to your music and it makes me feel really good' and that validates what we're doing and the time and effort we put into the new album," May summarizes. "When people hear the songs from On The Impossible Past, I just hope people can relate to it and it makes them feel the way we do when we sing it."

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