Mircan Kaya

Biography Mircan Kaya

Mircan Kaia (Mircan Kaya)
is a musician and a civil & earthquake engineer of a multi cultural identity. As a cross breed person belonging to a an endangered minority group - ​Laz / Mingrelian.and Georgian she was raised in Turkey in a multi cultural environment. Mircan has received an international education in Istanbul and abroad.Born with music, she started singing when she was an infant and started playing guitar when she was twelve. She has produced several widely acclaimed albums while she was directing and coordinating outstanding international engineering projects. ​

She carved out a niche for herself on the music scene with the albums Bizim Ninniler and Kül, which she put out in 2005. Bizim Ninniler was the first in its genre covering traditional Anatolian lullabies. Shortly after that, her album Kul & Ashes was released by Kalan Music. This album covers contemporary arrangements of traditional songs from Anatolia, Georgia and Bosnia. Sala, Numinosum, Outim, Elixir, Nanni and Minor are her following music albums directed and produced by herself with musicians from Turkey, UK and Asutralia. All these albums contain Mircan's own music. Her music works can be described as tribute to traditions, local cultures, languages, minority people and opressed cultures. 

With her unique approach to music which represents the multi-cultural blend of her personality and the environment she was affected combining many different elements such as geography, language, religions, traditions, people of different origins, all her albums have been praised and reviewed by music authorities like Folk Roots, World Music Central, Fly Global Music, Mondomix Music, CD Roots, BBC Music and BBC Radio 3 apart from local music authorities and media in Turkey. ​

Bizim Ninniler, her first album with traditional Anatolian lullabies has become a cult now and addicted by millions of babies and adults.

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