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Montreal Baroque Orchestra
Founded in 1989, the Montreal Baroque Orchestra, which is specialized in the performance of repertoires dating from the seventeenth century to the beginning of the nineteenth, offers a panorama of orchestral and vocal music from the Baroque, Classical and pre-Romantic periods through thematic concerts.

Conducted from the keyboard (harpsichord, organ or fortepiano) by Joël Thiffault and able to expand up to fifty musicians depending on the works performed, the Montreal Baroque Orchestra plays on period instruments in order to assemble all the elements necessary to render baroque music in all its grandeur and magnificence.

The careful preparation of concerts based on the most recent musicological studies and the musicians' conviction combined with their conductor's ardour, contribute to deliver the works in all their splendour, and assures the listener of an unforgettable musical experience.

The Montreal Baroque Orchestra was extremely well received during their tours of France in 1989 and 1990, participated in the International Festival of Lanaudière (Québec) in 1992 and performed for the Montreal Urban Community in 1993. As well, the MBO has played on Radio-Canada FM.

Since its inception, the Montreal Baroque Orchestra has played for over eighty thousand people and has given about three hundred performances in Montreal, throughout Quebec, Belgium, France, Mexico and Turkey.

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