Cliff Barnes And The Fear Of Winning

Biography Cliff Barnes And The Fear Of Winning

Cliff Barnes And The Fear Of Winning
It is the job of art to fight the ugliness of the world. We use love and the fascination of beauty to do this. Beauty can be a kiss, a statement, a helping hand, a smile to uplift, a pat on the back, the knowledge that someone is with you in your quest. The world is a sad place when we thrive to make more and end up seeing less.

But let it be said, in the end we are not experts, we have no surefire solution, we're just a bunch of idiots searching for the holy grail, like ships lost in a sea of indecision, we go where the wind blows. We eat and drink with thieves and kings, with punks and priests. We think and we progress, sometimes moving a step back, but never a step that was not necessary, never a step that could not have been a leap, because then we leap.

We find ourselves singing about love a lot. What gives us the right to do this? Is it the words we find or the words we search for in desperation? Is love the question or the answer? The journey or the destination? The hope or the hopelessness?

The answer of course is that loves moves the world, unrequited and sublime. And we are the storytellers that touch your soul, the missionaries that spread the word, love is great, love is good, love is omnipotent and also the bricks we use to build our songs.

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