Bernt Wilhelmsson

Biography Bernt Wilhelmsson

Bernt Wilhelmsson
grew up on the island of Orust in western Sweden. He made a widely acclaimed debut 1997 with The Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra, playing Beethovens fifth piano concerto "Emperor".

Concert engagements have taken him to The United States, Canada, France, The United Kingdom, Norway, Denmark, Iceland and The Baltic States and he has made several recordings for the Swedish Radio and also for the Estonian and Latvian Radio Corporations.

Bernt holds a post graduate degree in piano performance from The University College of Music in Gothenburg, where he studied with Professor Stefan Bojsten and a teaching degree from the Ingesund College of Music. He has also studied privately with Professor Irina Zaritzkaya in London and Professor Hans Leygraf.

Bernt is a frequent recitalist, he often performs chamber music and is also an appreciated accompanist with among others, the Swedish singers Susanna Levonen and Camilla Tilling. He has received numerous awards from The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm. Bernt holds a teaching position at The University Collage of Music in Gothenburg.

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