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Sebastian Kole
Within the kaleidoscope of today’s musical landscape, it is rare that an artist has the ability to produce, write and sing music that can appeal to the masses. Sebastian Kole is redefining the meaning of the triple-threat with his lyrical content, soulful vocals and instrumentation.

As a native of Alabama, Sebastian was encouraged by both his mother and godmother to pursue music. Each played a role in helping him to define his musical talent, by supporting his desire to sing and play the piano. When asked where it all began, he replied “I started in church because it was part of the culture” and goes on to say, “Music set the tone of the service, and I wanted to be part of that”. Through his progression it was clear that his talent went far beyond the ordinary, Sebastian learned to play the guitar, drums, and “randomly, the tuba”. His passion became the driving force behind his music and he continued to practice his craft while fine-tuning his vocal ability and sharpening his melodic and lyrical skills.

Sebastian has been influenced by some of the greats throughout music history, from acts like Freddy Mercury and Kurt Cobain to Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. His music can resonate with even the most scrutinizing audience, the inspiration derived from his musical taste is apparent. He is a creator who is meticulous in the production process, reaching into the depths of his creativity towards self-expression. “Music gives me a way to communicate feelings I may not otherwise express,” says Sebastian.

Most recently, he has been working tirelessly in the studio on the completion of his album, which he describes as “Southern Urban Pop” aka “SOUP” for the soul and he has been cooking up quite a collection of songs. He has traveled from LA to London in search of the right production team, working to maintain the integrity of the initial sound he had in mind. Sebastian’s music is meant to bring a new perspective “with honesty and emotion” laced throughout. His hope is that the lyrical content and tone of his records will tug at the heartstrings of all music lovers and inject some SOUP into their play lists taking us on a whim through a mental and emotional journey.

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