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  • Maurice Ravel (1875-1937): Daphnis et Chloé: Scene 1:
  • 1Scene 1: Invocation to the Nymphs06:25
  • 2Scene 1: Entrance of Daphnis and Chloé00:49
  • 3Scene 1: Dance of the Young Girls Around Daphnis00:59
  • 4Scene 1: Dorcon's Advance to Chloé02:12
  • 5Scene 1: Daphnis Reasserts His Love for Chloé. The Dorcon-Daphnis Dance Contest for a Kiss from Chloé00:32
  • 6Scene 1: Dorcon's Grotesque Dance01:37
  • 7Scene 1: The Gracious Dance of Daphnis02:31
  • 8Scene 1: The Triumph of Daphnis and the Ecstatic Union with Chloé00:57
  • 9Scene 1: Entrance of the Temptress Lyceion and Dance of Veils02:00
  • 10Scene 1: The Invasion of the Pirates and Daphnis's Unsuccessful Efforts to Save Chloé01:41
  • 11Scene 1: Invocation to Pan by the Nymphs and the Prayer of Daphnis05:03
  • Scene 2:
  • 12Scene 2: Interlude03:14
  • 13Scene 2: The Orgiastic Dance of the Pirates03:59
  • 14Scene 2: Bryaxis Orders Chloé to Be Brought Forward and to Dance00:29
  • 15Scene 2: Chloé's Dance of Supplication04:15
  • 16Scene 2: Creatures of Pan Appear and Frighten the Pirates, Who Flee in Terror, Leaving Chloé Alone with a Shining Crown01:11
  • Scene 3:
  • 17Scene 3: Sunrise. Daphnis Prostrate at the Grotto of the Nymphs03:47
  • 18Scene 3: Daphnis and Chloé are Reunited01:49
  • 19Scene 3: Lammon Tells How Pan Saved Chloé in Memory of His Love for the Nymph Syrinx. Daphnis and Chloé Act out the Story.02:02
  • 20Scene 3: Pan (Daphnis) Fashions a Flute from Some Reeds, on Which He Declares His Love for Syrinx (Chloé)02:27
  • 21Scene 3: Abandoning Their Roles, the Lovers Embrace and Kneel at the Altar of the Nymphs02:06
  • 22Scene 3: Girls Dressed as Bacchantes Enter with Tambourines00:13
  • 23Scene 3: Young Men Invade the Scene, and Joyous Tumult Prevails in Tribute to the Triumph of the Lovers03:57
  • Total Runtime54:15

Info for Ravel: Daphnis et Chloé

The classical concert film Charles Münch: Brahms Symphony No. 1/Ravel Daphnis et Chloé, Suite for Orchestra No. 2 finds maestro Charles Münch conducting a symphonic performance of two major works: 'Symphony No. 1' by Brahms and 'Daphne et Chloë - Suite for Orchestra No. 2' by Ravel.

Upon hearing Charles Munch's inspired recording of Daphnis et Chloe, the American Record Guide wrote, 'The performance is a triumph... this is the stuff of which history is made.' The master of French orchestra repertoire, Munch offers a gripping and emotional reading of Ravel's masterwork on this prized Living Stereo recording.

Boston Symphony Orchestra
New England Conservatory Chorus
New England Conservatory Alumni Chorus
Charles Munch, conductor

Engineered by Leslie Chase
Produced by John Pfeiffer

Digitally remastered

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