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Label: Atoll

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

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FLAC 96 $ 14.90
  • Jia Daqun (b. 1955): Landscape of Cloud:
  • 1Landscape of Cloud: I. Floating Cloud04:27
  • 2Landscape of Cloud: II. Voice of Mountain05:55
  • 3Landscape of Cloud: III. Affection on Water05:00
  • Martin Lodge (b. 1954): Stream:
  • 4Stream: I. Run03:16
  • 5Stream: II. Hold08:16
  • 6Stream: III. Drive04:14
  • Michael Daugherty (b. 1954): Fallingwater:
  • 7Fallingwater: I. Night Rain06:40
  • 8Fallingwater: II. On the Level04:42
  • 9Fallingwater: III. Prairie Psalm05:16
  • 10Fallingwater: IV. Ahead of the Curve05:17
  • Michael F. Williams (b. 1962):
  • 11The Void Between Heartbeats10:50
  • Param Vir (b. 1952):
  • 12We Want to Live in #Peace10:10
  • Total Runtime01:14:03

Info for Flow: New Music for String Quartet

Flow – new music for string quartet: an artistic project that draws composers from diverse places and cultures into a shared musical space.

Constant change being a reality common to everybody’s existence, the concept of flux or flow was adopted as the organising theme for the commissioned compositions. It was left up to each composer to respond musically to the idea. By happy circumstance it has turned out that taken together the five compositions more or less follow the pattern of the water cycle, that circular flow so essential to all human life. Martin Lodge

Su Ting, violin
Yang Can, violin
Chen Li, viola
Huang Beixing, cello

Polaris String Quartet
The members of the Quartet are all principal musicians in the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, reputed to be China’s finest symphonic ensemble. They maintain a busy schedule as a quartet, separate from their roles in the orchestra, specializing in recording, including film and commercial soundtracks.

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