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  • Carl Nielsen (1865 - 1931): Symphony No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 7:
  • 1I. Allegro orgoglioso09:16
  • 2II. Andante07:21
  • 3III. Allegro comodo - Andante sostenuto - Tempo I08:17
  • 4IV. Finale. Allegro con fuoco09:05
  • Symphony No. 2, Op. 16, The Four Temperaments:
  • 5I. Allegro collerico09:43
  • 6II. Allegro comodo e flemmatico05:07
  • 7III. Andante malincolico11:26
  • 8IV. Allegro sanguineo07:23
  • Symphony No. 3, Op. 27, Sinfonia espansiva:
  • 9I. Allegro espansivo11:48
  • 10II. Andante pastorale09:56
  • 11III. Allegretto un poco06:25
  • 12IV. Finale. Allegro con fuoco09:10
  • Symphony No. 4, Op. 29, The Inextinguishable:
  • 13I. Allegro11:28
  • 14II. Poco allegretto04:54
  • 15III. Poco adagio quasi andante09:59
  • 16IV. Allegro08:39
  • Symphony No. 5, Op. 50:
  • 17I. Tempo giusto10:23
  • 18II. Adagio non troppo09:21
  • 19III. Allegro09:19
  • 20IV. Andante un poco tranquillo08:04
  • Symphony No. 6, Op. deest, Sinfonia Semplice:
  • 21I. Tempo giusto - Lento, ma non troppo - Tempo I13:05
  • 22II. Humoreske. Allegretto - Lento, ma non troppo - Tempo I04:02
  • 23III. Proposta seria. Adagio05:24
  • 24IV. Theme & Variations. Allegro - Thema. Allegretto un poco - Variations 1-9 - Fanfare10:48
  • Total Runtime03:30:23

Info for Nielsen: The Complete Symphonies 1-6

Paavo Järvi is one of the most successful and distinctive conductors in the international music scene. His recordings of the complete Beethoven and Bruckner symphonies have received rave reviews and are in fact regarded as “reference recordings” (Fono Forum). His current project with the Frankfurt Radio Symphony is again another great symphonic cycle: the six symphonies by Denmark’s most famous composer, Carl Nielsen (1865 – 1931), whose 150th anniversary is celebrated this year.

As a native Estonian, Paavo Järvi has always felt a particular affinity for Nordic composers, and when he took up his new post as general music director of the Frankfurt Radio Symphony Orchestra in 2006, he inaugurated his incumbency with a complete performance of Sibelius’s Kullervo, signalling the fact that during his seven years with the orchestra Scandinavian symphonic music would feature prominently in his repertory. Among other recordings that he made with the orchestra during this period, this complete recording of the symphonies of Carl Nielsen takes pride of place, focusing as it does on a Danish national hero on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the composer’s birth.

Frankfurt Radio Symphony
Paavo Järvi, conductor

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