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Label: Intakt Records

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Contemporary Jazz

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FLAC 44.1 $ 13.50
  • 1Wer nichts fürth, fürth Fürth04:31
  • 2Fälschlich03:28
  • 3Die Wohlgesonnten06:01
  • 4Voraussichtlich07:01
  • 5Christian und Isolde01:48
  • 6Das Jan im Stück03:02
  • 7Ausgekannt04:02
  • 8Jazz als Hobby03:02
  • 9Lavaman04:37
  • 10Reich durch Pfand04:32
  • 11Chicoree02:16
  • 12Unsäglich02:03
  • 13Reich durch Jazz04:52
  • 14Bulyah-Dath03:22
  • 15So tun als ob03:58
  • 16Das Jan am Stück03:01
  • Total Runtime01:01:36

Info for Lavaman

Die Enttäuschung has worked its way through whatever combination of bass clarinet, trumpet, double bass and drum you can think of. With Alexander von Schlippenbach they scored a coup: Monk’s entire oeuvre presented in one live concert and documented in a three-album box set. The Enttäuschung not only absorbed an unbelievable amount of jazz history, they also transferred it into a living musical process, musical lava.

Rudi Mahall writes in the booklet of the forth release on Intakt Records: „...with our leaning to perseverance practiced over 20 years we searched for a congenial drummer and we got Michael Griener aboard: 100 % enthusiasm as prerequisite and the same taste...
in a band like this the drums are the fulcrum, they navigate sound and form, like a conductor does in a classical orchestra, and Michael Griener is a master! And why add Christof Thewes? First: once you find a songwriter of this caliber hold on to him! Second: every band needs a trombonist like this! Third: Thewes gives hell to the wind section and Four: he is the most full-blown improviser. The engine runs like greased lightning – hear for yourself!“

Rudi Mahall, bass clarinet, clarinet
Axel Dörner, trumpet
Christof Thewes, trombone
Jan Roder, bass
Michael Griener, drums

Recorded April 11, 12, 2017, in Berlin by Christian Betz, Berlinaudio
Produced by Die Enttäuschung & Intakt Records

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