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Label: Interscope

Genre: Electronic

Subgenre: Electro-Pop

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  • 1The Missing04:14
  • 2Love Parade05:29
  • 3Action08:56
  • 4Go Up05:33
  • 5Ibifornia08:44
  • 6Hey You!03:41
  • 7Feel Like Me05:06
  • 8Blue Jean Smile04:02
  • 9The Sound Of Love04:50
  • 10Ponce05:45
  • 11Go Up09:42
  • 12The Missing03:58
  • 13Action13:59
  • Total Runtime01:23:59

Info for Ibifornia

Ibifornia is Cassius' first studio album in a decade. In addition to Mike D and Cat Power, who appear on the LP's first single 'Action,' Ibifornia also boasts guests like Ryan Tedder, Jaw, Portugal. The Man's John Gourley and Pharrell Williams. Williams teams up with Cat Power on the latest offering from the album, the trance anthem 'Go Up.' Williams previously worked with Cassius on the duo's 'Eye Water,' off their 2006 album 15 Again. 'Go Up' fits the vibe of what Cassius' Phillippe Zdar calls 'the Cassius and the Family Stone'; the album title itself is a portmanteau that combines the dusky dance clubs of Ibiza with the sunny, laidback feeling of California. According to the duo, they came up with the album title Ibifornia before even starting work on the album, with the titular place a utopia 'inside every one of us.' Ibifornia touches on a variety of different genres, from Afrobeat and synth-pop to hip-hop and soul, with the latter evident on 'The Missing' featuring Tedder and Jaw.

Philippe Zdar (Philippe Cerboneschi), dj, producer
Boom Bass (Hubert Blanc-Francard), dj, producer

Zdar and Boom Bass started working together in 1988, producing albums for the French hip-hop artist MC Solaar. In 1991, they created their first project, called La Funk Mob, and the following year, they started to increasingly experiment with electronic sounds. Zdar's experience with electronic music was influential in his involvement with Étienne de Crécy in the project Motorbass, who released a sole full-length album, Pansoul.

In 1996, Zdar and Boom Bass then created 'Foxxy', their first self-published house music track, under the name Cassius, and the moderate success that followed lead to them remixing tracks for acts such as Air and Daft Punk. In January 1999, they released their first single to become a mainstream hit, 'Cassius 1999'. It was published by Virgin Records, and entered the UK Singles Chart at #7. This was soon followed by their debut album, 1999, which had two more singles released from it, 'Feeling For You' and 'La Mouche'. The music videos for 'Cassius 1999' and 'Feeling for You' portrayed the character Deadman, from DC Comics, as a DJ superhero.

2002 saw their second album release, Au Rêve. This featured the 'empowered female disco' track 'I'm a Woman', with Jocelyn Brown on vocals, as well as the hit single 'The Sound of Violence', featuring Steve Edwards on vocals. This album also had collaborations with Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah and Leroy Burgess.

Cassius returned to the studio in 2006, for the more experimental single 'Toop Toop', but the next album, titled 15 Again, featured more vocal collaborations than the duo had done with Au Rêve.

While rehearsing their 15 Again album tour, Cassius provided the community with the a cappella track of their single 'Toop Toop' and encouraged fans and friends to start remixing the song. It became an immediate success: the band started the Cassius Workshop project and released more a cappellas for remixing purposes. They claim to have received more than 400 remixes.

Cassius's song 'I Love You So' was sampled on the track 'Why I Love You' on Jay-Z and Kanye West's 2011 collaboration album Watch the Throne.

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