The Willisau Concert (Live) Trio Heinz Herbert

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Label: Intakt Records

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Avantgarde Jazz

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FLAC 48 $ 13.50
  • 1Granulare Liebe / LEI18:08
  • 2Fragment Z / Bruggada11:51
  • 3Hyper Down11:45
  • 4Heinz Steps08:38
  • 5Planet Cita K08:29
  • 6Gumpi Ball00:59
  • Total Runtime59:50

Info for The Willisau Concert (Live)

The music of Trio Heinz Herbert is first and foremost a tonal experience. Broad arcs and ingenious geometric grooves give it its form. Spaces are created, pivotal points set, textures woven. Within these free markings the tonal chemistry begins to unfold its potential. Sometimes a space shuttle floats through an underwater garden, sometimes the sounds glisten like a cell under the microscope. The trio penetrate the DNA of the sounds, creating a playful, humorous effect, despite the precision and experimental strength. Pirmin Bossart writes in the liner notes: „The refreshing performance by the Trio Heinz Herbert on the main stage at Willisau Jazz Festival, summer 2016, confronted the audience with a kind of contemporary music which doesn’t sound like jazz for a second, but is infused with its freedom and spirit of adventure. Many of the older Willisau pilgrims, who appreciate the festival for its classic programme of free music, were very excited about this young trio, which says a lot. We sense immediately that three instrumentalists set out to great a wholly individual music, with precision and determined playfulness – and soon realised their goal“.

Dominic Landolt, guitar, effects
Ramon Landolt, Hammond, synthesizer, samples, piano
Mario Hänni, drums, effects

Trio Heinz Herbert
makes music that evokes visions of a starry sky. It is urban, sometimes fast-paced, and yet there is air to breath. Music from Switzerland that doesn't sound like the cheesy chocolat mountain cliche but still aims for an international audience. Electric guitar, electronic sounds, hammond-organ, piano, samples and drums are instruments to enhance the present. The trio runs on adrenalin, jumps on a drum-pattern, is drifting off into spheres of minimal music and industrial jazz. Improvisation here doesn't mean tooting in the comfort zone, it is the constant transformation of unwritten music. These guys have smog-free view into space.

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