Der Erste Bericht Carl Ludwig Hübsch

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FLAC 44.1 $ 12.00
  • 1M104:15
  • 2Lacaille 876003:47
  • 3M202:09
  • 4M302:20
  • 5Kashmir05:13
  • 6Wolf 42407:55
  • 7M400:56
  • 8Prokyon05:22
  • 9Ross 78005:19
  • 10Groombridge 3407:23
  • 11M501:36
  • 12M603:21
  • Total Runtime49:36

Info for Der Erste Bericht

This remarkable solo album by tuba player Carl Ludwig Hübsch shows him to be not only a brilliant instrumentalist but also an outstanding and original composer 11 of the 12 titles are his own. A versatile and highly experienced musician, Hübsch numbers among his musical associates Lester Bowie, Henry Threadgill and Tomasz Stanko. As note-writer Peter Niklas Wilson observes, Even if some of Hübsch’s sonic miniatures are virtuoso showcases, one should not overlook another, no less impressive, aspect of his playing: his ability to build coherent structures and explore subtle nuances within a strictly confined sonic area.

Carl Ludwig Hübsch, tuba

Digitally remastered

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