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Label: Navona

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Choral

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  • Michael G. Cunningham (b. 1937):
  • 1New Beginnings, Op. 70 (Live)11:22
  • 2The Annunciation, Op. 77 (Live)16:27
  • 3The Lord's Prayer, Op. 6D (Live)02:12
  • 4The Prayer of St. Francis, Op. 49B (Live)02:53
  • Seraphic Mass, Op. 81:
  • 5Seraphic Mass, Op. 81: I. Lord, Have Mercy (Live)02:48
  • 6Seraphic Mass, Op. 81: II. Holy, Holy, Holy (Live)01:40
  • 7Seraphic Mass, Op. 81: III. The Great Amen (Live)00:24
  • 8Seraphic Mass, Op. 81: IV. The Lord's Prayer (Live)03:47
  • 9Seraphic Mass, Op. 81: V. Lamb of God (Live)01:47
  • The Holy Spirit, Op. 133:
  • 10The Holy Spirit, Op. 133: I. Prologue & Invocation (Live)03:17
  • 11The Holy Spirit, Op. 133: II. The Baptism of Jesus (Live)02:39
  • 12The Holy Spirit, Op. 133: III. Litany (Live)02:37
  • 13The Holy Spirit, Op. 133: IV. The Words of Jesus & Litany (Live)04:40
  • 14The Holy Spirit, Op. 133: V. Interlude (Live)01:39
  • 15The Holy Spirit, Op. 133: VI. Pentecost, Litany & Doxology (Live)06:22
  • Total Runtime01:04:34

Info for Ecumenical Spirit: The Choral Music of Michael G. Cunningham (Live)

Composer Michael G. Cunningham introduces the beauty of sacred choral compositions with the unique energy of the live recording. “Ecumenical” is defined as the promotion of unity among different Christian churches across the world, and ECUMENICAL SPIRIT celebrates the unifying powers of music as it transcends the borders of all differences.

ECUMENICAL SPIRIT begins on a powerful note with the triumphant New Beginnings. With rousing percussion, resonant horns, and the incomparable energy of the full choir. This travels into The Annunciation, beginning with an ethereal, dissonant piano entrance before the women’s choir rises into a lighter, major section, working through various prayers and intercessions. The piano and vocals almost seem to imitate each other as the piece flows through prayers, providing tones that are at times tender, chilling, triumphant, and fiery, but with each balancing the others out by the end. ECUMENICAL SPIRIT then works through various common prayers, from The Lord’s Prayer to The Prayer of St. Francis as well as a spellbinding full Mass setting and a celebration of The Holy Spirit in six movements.

The power of the live album is in the living, breathing reality of each moment. Background sounds and raw, untouched voices bring the listener right into the room as the work is being performed. ECUMENICAL SPIRIT brings the genuine reality of the live performance to listening ears, and Navona Live has preserved these energy-filled moments for future listeners to enjoy.

Ad Hoc Ecumenical Chorus
Paul Hilbrich, conductor
University Brass Ensemble and Bell Choir
University Women’s Chorus
G. Edward Bruner, conductor
Steven L. Joyal, piano
Women’s Chorus
Stephanie Graber, conductor
Irena Goldenberg, piano
Women’s Concert Chorale
Alan Rieck, conductor
Kelsey Grande, piano
University Women’s Chorus II
Valerius Knobloch, conductor
Walter Cogswell, organ
Oratorio Society
Stephen Rosolack, conductor
University Percussion Ensemble and tubas

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