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  • 1Weir Skimmer06:01
  • 2Storm Water04:35
  • 3Gurgle 10105:48
  • 4Possession05:03
  • 5Drum Beat For Teki04:20
  • 6Healthpack04:04
  • 7Temperance05:04
  • 8Bill07:06
  • 95105:52
  • 108u88le04:30
  • 11Levee Dancers05:11
  • 12Sucker Punch04:39
  • 13I Am Delivert05:21
  • 14Boy Racer03:16
  • 15DJ Quik's Hair03:23
  • 16Warrior05:32
  • 17Bercy04:41
  • 18Low Pressure04:04
  • 19Fusilli04:57
  • 20Bayern03:18
  • 21SND.PE Vol. 553:08
  • Total Runtime02:29:53

Info for Sound Pellegrino Presents: SND PE

DJ Orgasmic and I’s vision for this mix CD was always to create a coherent piece made of incoherent pieces that would fit together like Tetris. We record mixes every week for our Rinse France radio shows, for one-off shows on other stations, for my TV show Overdrive Infinity and various other occasions. Some are thematic, some aren’t, some mostly contain new tracks, some reflect our influences and all of them pay homage to this very simple, basic and almost too obvious, yet fascinating rule of DJing as a “construction game”: take track A and blend it with track B in order to create track C. What if—for once—we had the power to ask some artists we love to create tracks tailor-made with that notion of construction in mind?

We love artists from so many different scenes with so many different sounds and when we mix tracks from these talented people we always end up “making it work” (at least we try!) but what if this time we commissioned tracks so that it worked instantly? What if we could ask the most talented drum-tool producers we know to make what they do best and our favorite melody specialists to compose drum-less melodies to stick on top of those drum tracks?

The result is this mix made entirely of original, tailor-made Sound Pellegrino material. An edifice built by DJ Orgasmic and I with each brick created by a different artisan in a different place with different tools and a different context, but the edifice stands tall and proud on solid foundations.

On one side we have drum-less melodic tracks inspired by deconstructed trance, “weightless” grime—or Devil Mixes for those in the know—and ambient, such as Martel Ferdan’s “Weir Skimmer”, Loom’s “Boy Racer” and Murlo’s “Low Pressure”.

On the other side we have percussive drum tracks, made to build up the tension and to provide a rhythmic backbone to the compilation, such as Helix‘ self-explanatory “Drum Beat for Teki”, Doline’s “Levee Dancers”, Fraxinus’ “Temperance” and Vogue scene legend Vjuan Allure‘s “I am Delivert”.

There are also more straight up techno tracks like Truncate’s “51”, Cardopusher’s “Possession” , Matthias Zimmermann’s “Bill”, and some bass tracks on the grimier end of the spectrum with Le Dom’s “Bayern”, Gage’s “Healthpack” and Orgasmic’s “Bercy”.

And finally a few hybrids that stand in between all of these things, bringing unexpected twists and turns to the mix in typical Sound Pellegrino fashion: the gently abrasive “Gurgle 101″ by Koyote & Too Smooth Christ, the Coupé Décalé-inspired “DJ Quik’s Hair” by Feadz & Douster, Ratchett Traxxx ’s dancehall-tech banger “Warrior”, the melodic bubbly half time “Fusilli” by Joe Howe, Troy Gunner‘s beautifully weird & syncopated almost-garagey “Sucker Punch”, Track ID‘s stroboscopic yet dreamy “8U88LE” and Air Max 97‘s mystical, elemental “Storm Water”.

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