Overpower Any Given Day

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Label: Arising Empire

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Metal

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  • 1Start Over04:41
  • 2Loveless03:50
  • 3Savior04:00
  • 4Taking over Me03:29
  • 5Lonewolf04:08
  • 6Devil Inside03:37
  • 7Sure to Fail03:13
  • 8In Deafening Silence04:10
  • 9Whatever It Takes03:49
  • 10Fear04:02
  • 11Never Surrender03:20
  • Total Runtime42:19

Info for Overpower

Metal rising stars Any Given Day, from the heart of the German Ruhr area, have just released the music video for their brand new single “Loveless”!

This is also the launch pad for their album pre-orders, as they reveal the name and cover artwork for their upcoming full-length record. “Overpower” will be available on March 15th, 2019, via Arising Empire.

“This is the second single, and it went through a long process of development "Loveless" having changed a few times. There were different versions of the chorus which got revised several times, music wise and lyrically. We let this song grow organically, to bring out the best of it! "Loveless" is about feeling imprisoned within yourself and being one’s own worst enemy. You want to escape or change but it’s not enough. Life has its downsides, but the ones who fight and hang on will see - the darkest hour is just before the dawn” says the band.

“"Overpower" is our hardest yet melodic album. Every song is different and has its own vibe without losing our own sound. With this album, we developed ourselves and we’re showing new facets”, explains the band.

Although hailing from Germany, Any Given Day are living the American dream. Founded in 2012, they ignited interest in 2014 with their debut, “My Longest Way Home” (Official German album charts: #28). Then, they boldly proved they were more than just an internet phenomenon with 2016’s “Everlasting” (#14 on the charts). Any Given Day can also look back on countless tours and shows with the likes of Caliban, Bury Tomorrow, Trivium or Suicide Silence on stages of every size which has seen euphoric reactions and a rapidly growing fanbase that celebrates the band fanatically. 2013 also saw the band debut their cover of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” (10 million + views on YouTube), while contemporary metal icon Matt Heafy (Trivium) featured on the 2016 track “Arise” (3.4 million views on YouTube).

On “Overpower”, Any Given Day have perfected their unique blend of unruly brutality, compelling melodies, and unbelievable catchiness. Surrounded by the great musicianship of his fellow band mates, one-of-a-kind vocalist Dennis Diehl, handles both growls and clean vocals. Dennis easily puts any American radio rock singer to shame with his distinctive, unique voice and epic vocal lines. Just drop onto any of the tracks on the album and you’ll get pummeling, in-your-face modern metal power and epic arcs of suspense that are the foundation of “Overpower” - all wrapped up in an always uplifting message to hold on to.

Dennis Diehl, vocals
Andy Posdziech, guitar
Dennis Ter Schmitten, guitar
Michael Golinski, bass
Raphael Altmann, drums

Any Given Day
The metal powerhouse that are Any Given Day play a punishing mix of deathcore and progressive metal, with their unique melodic prowess shining through on albums such as 2014's debut My Longest Way Home and 2019's Overpower.

Originally hailing from the German town of Gelsenkirchen, the group was formed in 2012 by vocalist Dennis Diehl, guitarists Andy Posdziech and Dennis Ter Schmitten, bassist Michael Golinski, and drummer Raphael Altmann. Delivering their self-released demo in October of that year, the group gigged on the local metal scene, and in the process built a loyal fan base. Over the next two years, the group recorded their debut album, My Longest Way Home. Released via Redfield Records in 2014, the album shot straight into the German charts, before the band went out on a sold-out national tour, which was documented on the live video release, My Longest Way Home: Rise to Success. Dates with Caliban and Bury Tomorrow followed before the group started to look to record their follow-up. Once again produced by guitarist Andy Posdziech and released by Redfield, the 2016 sophomore album Everlasting continued with their pummeling take on metalcore, with Diehl's vocals ranging from guttural screams through to radio-friendly harmonies. A guest spot from Trivium's Matt Heafy also pushed the album to newer audiences, and on release, it debuted at number 14 on the German national charts. More tours followed in support of the release before the group parted ways with their label. By 2018, the group had signed to Arising Empire -- a sub-label of metal giant Nuclear Blast -- to release their third album. Overpower, issued at the beginning of 2019, saw the group pushing their sound into harsher territory yet still managing to keep the catchy, melodic edge of their earlier material.

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