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Label: Ricercar

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Choral

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  • Jacques Arcadelt (1507-1568):
  • 1Salve Regina a 510:27
  • 2O pulcherrima mulierum a 502:35
  • 3Domine non secundum a 3, 4 & 505:15
  • 4Filiae Jerusalem a 404:08
  • 5Recordare Domine a 502:34
  • 6Pater noster a 804:23
  • 7Gloriosae virginis Mariae a 504:09
  • 8Memento salutis auctor a 404:02
  • 9Lamentatio Jeremiae a 508:24
  • 10Agnus Dei (Missa Ave Regina Caelorum) a 5 & 604:57
  • Pierre-Louis Dietsch (1808-1865):
  • 11Ave Maria (After Arcadelt)01:56
  • Franz Liszt (1811-1886):
  • 12Ave Maria d’Arcadelt05:03
  • 13Il bianco e dolce cigno03:00
  • 14Vostra fui e sarò, mentre ch’io viva03:04
  • 15Amor, tu sai pur fare02:05
  • 16Io son talvolta, Donna, per morire03:23
  • 17Non mai sempre fortuna02:25
  • 18Occhi miei lassi, mentre ch’io vi giro03:35
  • 19Mentre gli ardenti rai01:55
  • 20Felici amanti, voi che d’amor lieti04:48
  • 21Io mi pensai che spento fusse 'l foco04:24
  • 22Voi mi poneste in foco01:45
  • 23Tante son le mie pene02:10
  • 24Alma, perché sì trist'ogni hor ti duoli02:30
  • 25Quando col dolce suono (Instrumental)02:32
  • 26Deh! dimm’ Amor se l’alma di costei02:01
  • 27Crudel, acerba, inesorabil Morte02:39
  • 28Deh fuggite, o mortali01:17
  • 29Io non ardisco di levar più gli occhi02:30
  • 30O felici occhi miei, felici voi01:36
  • 31Dolce nimica mia02:28
  • 32Ancidetemi pur grievi martiri01:58
  • 33Hor che ’l cielo et la terra03:40
  • 34Ahime, dov'è'l bel viso02:40
  • 35Amorosetto fiore02:14
  • 36Les yeux qui me sçeurent prendre03:00
  • 37Tout au rebours02:53
  • 38Vous n’aurez plus mes yeux la jouissance02:40
  • 39Extrême amour est entre moy et elle01:58
  • 40Si la beaulté de ma dame02:12
  • 41De mes ennuys02:15
  • 42De mes ennuys (Instrumental)02:58
  • 43Nous boirons du vin clairet01:16
  • 44Franc berger02:33
  • 45Quand je me trouve auprès de ma maitresse (I)02:25
  • 46Quand je me trouve auprès de ma maitresse (II)01:29
  • 47Il me prend fantasie04:29
  • 48Amour se plaint de ton forfait (Instrumental)02:26
  • 49Margot labourez les vignes01:48
  • 50La Diane que je sers03:07
  • 51Entendez vous point vostre amy01:09
  • 52Laissés la verde couleur04:24
  • 53J’ay acquis un serviteur - Celle que j’estime tant04:54
  • 54O le grand bien01:24
  • 55Nous voyons que les hommes03:03
  • 56Du temps que j’estois amoureux (Instrumental)01:45
  • 57Contentez vous, heureuses violettes02:58
  • 58Vous n’aurez plus mes yeux la jouissance (Instrumental)02:27
  • 59Hélas amy02:50
  • Giovanni Maria Trabaci (ca. 1575-1647):
  • 60Ancidetemi pur06:14
  • Total Runtime03:07:09

Info for Arcadelt: Motteti - Madrigali - Chansons

In 2018, the year in which we celebrate the 450th anniversary of the death of Jacques Arcadelt, Ricercar releases a box set of three albums covering the principal genres that made his name – the madrigal, the chanson and sacred music – with three prestigious ensembles. Arcadelt was in the service of the Medici, the Papacy and the kings of France; can one imagine a more prestigious list of achievements? Esteemed by Michelangelo, celebrated by Ronsard, he benefited from a large number of editions that made his reputation in the main European musical centres of his time, and was still admired at the height of the Baroque era.

Although named in every history of music as an important composer and as one of the creators of the Italian madrigal, principally known for the madrigal Il bianco e dolce cigno and even more so by an incorrectly attributed Ave Maria that amateur choirs have been performing since the Romantic period, Jacques Arcadelt has not yet gained the position that he deserves in the musical world of today. He was in the service of the Medici, the papacy and the kings of France; he could hardly have had a more impressive career. The recording sessions for this set created a real emotional shock on several occasions: we were convinced that Jacques Arcadelt was a true genius and it was easy to understand why his contemporaries regarded him as truly exceptional.

Choeur de Chambre de Namur
Cappella Mediterranea
Leonardo Garcia Alarcon, conductor
Doulce memoire, conductor
Denis Raisin Dadre, conductor

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