The New Jersey Session Johannes Mössinger

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  • 1Splanshy Squeeze05:19
  • 2Newton04:41
  • 3Pictures of Love05:35
  • 4It's Time to Be a Greenhorn06:35
  • 5Nocturne06:40
  • 6Walking Out05:39
  • 7Follow Her Trail04:11
  • 8The Eyes of the Bear07:40
  • 9Serenade for Neptun08:10
  • 10Memories03:36
  • Total Runtime58:06

Info for The New Jersey Session

Late in April 2008, I travelled to the US to continue the developing ‘story’ with my New York ensemble, which had begun as early as 2001. Since then, I had been working on a regular basis in the motherland of jazz, beginning initially with the music of Thelonious Monk, then, in the following years, I developed a personal programme of my own compositions.

When I arrive in New York, it is always amazing for me to experience the different cultures, life situations and societies in these two jazz worlds – America and Europe. On the one hand is America, which has a great jazz tradition but is a society in which jazz elements do not count too much any more; and, on the other hand, there is Europe, with its still intensive enthusiasm for the art and its lively jazz scene, one which is increasingly drifting away from tradition while sensing new influences and thus creating a new intensive jazz music.

Within my ensemble I constantly experience this meeting between compositions from various parts of Europe and New York power and the feeling for jazz tradition. There is a constant activity of cultural exchange on many different levels, resulting in the creation of a very distinctive music. While recording this CD, I developed a rather special relationship with the studio’s Steinway and, after we finished the recording, it was a spontaneous idea to sit at this grand piano and improvise a few pieces - the truly primal situation of improvised music. A perfect moment under excellent conditions, the best studio technology and a relaxed mood, following an inspiring recording session with my New York colleagues. Drawing from this strength, a very personal piano music was created which combines the experiences of the past seven years and which shaped the design of this CD considerably. Now it’s not a pure quartet or trio recording, but a mix of organic solo-trio-quartet pieces. A creation of musical variety, a complete composition, developed like the sets of a symphony. Special thanks go to my colleagues in New York, and foremost to my partner of many years, Karl Latham, for their commitment and artistic inspiration.

Johannes Mössinger, piano
Seamus Blake, saxophone
Boris Kozlov, bass
Karl Latham, drum

Digitally remastered

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