Local Objects Zsófia Boros

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Label: ECM

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

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  • Mathias Duplessy:
  • 1Nocturne04:41
  • Egberto Gismonti:
  • 2Celebração de Núpcias03:12
  • Carlo Domeniconi:
  • 3I. Moderato02:56
  • 4II. Mosso01:36
  • 5III. Cantabile03:31
  • 6IV. Presto03:46
  • Jorge Cardoso:
  • 7Milonga04:29
  • Al Di Meola:
  • 8Vertigo Shadow03:12
  • Franghiz Ali Zadeh:
  • 9Fantasie08:41
  • Anibal Augusto Sardinha:
  • 10Inspiração02:59
  • Alex Pinter & Stephan Dickbauer:
  • 11Gothenburg02:15
  • Total Runtime41:18

Info for Local Objects

The second album from the Hungarian-born Vienna-based guitarist finds her embracing a broad scope of music, broader even than on her outstanding debut En otra parte. This time the range extends from contemporary composition to jazz etude via music from Brazil, Argentina, Italy and Azerbaijan - all embraced with imagination and creative flair.

Pieces played here by Zsofia Boros include Egberto Gismontis challenging Celebracao de Núpcias (made famous on Dança das cabeças), Franghiz Ali-Zadehs Fantasie, Al Di Meolas Vertigo Shadow, and Carlo Domeniconis Turkish-influenced Koyunbaba.

These Local Objects are rendered universal by Boros subtle and sensitive playing in an album recorded at Luganos Auditorio Stelio Molo in November 2015 and produced by Manfred Eicher.

Zsofia Boros, guitar

Zsófia Boros
guitar playing is subtle and restrained, accompanied by a melancholy grace. As the subtleness of her playing unfolds, the attentive listener perceives its quiet virtuosity. Her restraint arises quite naturally from the knowledge of her own ability to become one with her instrument and, thus, never to let virtuosity dominate the music.

Zsófia Boros’ melancholy is sweet, bitter-sweet; her performance sharpens our concentration and awareness and its vibrations create a tender feeling of happiness.

By ECM New Series Zsófia Boros has found a new home.

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