Hillside George Hennig

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Label: SWAN's

Genre: Songwriter

Subgenre: Contemporary

Interpret: George Hennig

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FLAC 44.1 $ 12,50
  • 1The Door03:56
  • 2The Seventh String04:14
  • 3Hillside03:09
  • 4Smile04:57
  • 5White Diamonds03:32
  • 6Nemo Skywalking03:47
  • 7The Magic Bell03:48
  • 8The Reason Why03:30
  • 9Secrets03:22
  • 10The Storm02:05
  • 11A Life Divine03:04
  • 12In the High Room04:19
  • 13Winterhill04:57
  • 14Like Feathers04:41
  • Total Runtime53:21

Info zu Hillside

Hillside. George Hennig’s Opus Magnum bis dato. Kraftakt und erfüllter Traum. 14 Songs über Liebe und Tod und “die magische Brücke dazwischen”. Aufgenommen in Skopje im Oktober 2018 mit dem Macedonia Symphonic Orchestra (dirigiert von Oleg Kondratenko), mit Arrangements von Olivier Truan. Bei der Fertigstellung ergaben sich einige Verzögerungen. Das ‘Idee und Klang Studio’ war das ganze 2019 stark gebucht, sodass “in Intervallen” gearbeitet werden musste. Aber inzwischen ist das Album fertig, und alle Beteiligten sind glücklich mit dem Resultat. Damit ist nicht nur das Cover Design von Pascal Brun (flyart) samt dem Front-Bild des italienischen Surrealisten Ettore Aldo del Vigo gemeint, sondern auch der von den ‘Idee und Klang Studio’ engineers Daniel Dettwiler und Beni Gut kreierte Sound – dynamisch, klar und kraftvoll (thanks to Christoph Staudenmann on drums!).

George Hennig

George Hennig
According to local newspapers at the time, 18 year old George Hennig was being acclaimed as Basle’s answer to Jeff Beck & Mike Bloomfield. Regardless of all the praise – this remarkably talented local hero decided not to follow the standard virtuoso-soloist route. Discovering his passion for Anglo-inspired song-writing & by working together with other celebrated talents of the generation, he evolved into a versatile & accomplished musician with deep artistic & poetic credentials.

A Hamburg-based record-company responded to his demo-recording in the 70’s & produced his album ‘First Snow’ for release in Germany (due to popular demand, a second pressing of the album was ordered). Many positive reviews, many live performances and studio work with mainstream musicians followed. Fitting into this busy schedule he also collaborated on film & TV soundtracks whilst simultaneously producing his own albums ‘From Grey To Gold’ in 1981 and ‘Jewels In The Gutter’ in 1989.

The last decade has seen him working with fellow musician-travellers & local musical legends from the 70’s, ‘The Zodiacs’. Writing songs for the band he continued his own lifelong-project exploring interfaces between psychedelic and Celtic music styles. Occasionally appearing with the Zodiacs for rare stage performances, George is currently leading a peaceful life in the countryside, mostly staying out of the public limelight.

Over the years, many producers, musicians and fans alike have often remarked that George Hennig possesses a unique personal style falling somewhere between Ray Davies and Jeff Lynne. Whatever people may say, I nonetheless suspect that George will continue playing his very own remarkable & unique style far into the future.

After his self-produced 2007 album ‘The Definition Of Face’ (on which he played all instruments) followed the 2010 album ‘GHOSTS’ – a collection of sometimes unconventional folk-pop songs which are closer to his Celtic roots than his other favourite and often revisited ‘Swinging London 60’s’ style.

And now, seven years later – George returns with a new & intriguing Pop Album ‘Of Piers & Repose’ – drawing inspiration again along the musical fault-lines between the musical capitals of the world, Liverpool & London. Twelve songs & stories about transformation, final journeys and goodbyes, the ‘innocence’ of his Sixties memories and the ultimate philosophical question, whether love can truly conquer adversity.

For insiders, it’s a comeback; for others, perhaps the breakthrough of the year…

But for George himself, perhaps his ambitions & destiny may finally have caught up with him!

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