Burning Lights Chris Tomlin

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Label: Sparrow Records

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

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  • 1Burning Lights01:04
  • 2Awake My Soul (with Lecrae)03:55
  • 3Whom Shall I Fear [God of Angel Armies]04:25
  • 4Lay Me Down04:45
  • 5God's Great Dance Floor03:39
  • 6White Flag04:35
  • 7Crown Him [Majesty] [with Kari Jobe]05:10
  • 8Jesus, Son of God (with Christy Nockels)04:27
  • 9Sovereign04:35
  • 10Countless Wonders03:21
  • 11Thank You God for Saving Me (with Phil Wickham)04:26
  • 12Shepherd Boy04:34
  • Total Runtime48:56

Info for Burning Lights

Burning Lights: Über ein Jahr hat Tomlin an diesem Album gearbeitet. Das Ergebnis kann sich hören lassen. Klasse Worshipsongs, die den Blick auf Gott richten.

Er gilt als einer der meistgespielten Künstler überhaupt: Chris Tomlin. Der Musiker gibt in seinen Liedern den Anliegen, die Christen bewegen, Ausdruck und Stimme. Lieder voller Leuchtkraft hält Chris Tomlin auch auf seinem zehnten Album - „Burning Lights“ - bereit. Inhaltstarke Pop-Worship-Songs, direkt und voller Anziehungskraft. Dabei geht die Variationsbreite der verwendeten Instrumente über das Standart-Maß hinaus: Dulcimer, Dobro, Bouzouki, Lap-Steel-Gitarre und Banjo. Zudem begleiteten Tomlin Kari Jobe, Phil Wickham, Lecrae und Christy Nockels im Gesang.

„Ich möchte Lieder schreiben, die Menschen näher zu Gott bringen können. An einem dreiminütigen Pop-Song ist nichts verkehrt, aber ich möchte, dass meine Lieder für Gemeinden von Bedeutung sind." (Chris Tomlin)

Über ein Jahr Arbeit steckt in dieser CD. Von der lebensverändernden Kraft Gottes handelt der Song Awake My Soul: „Awake, awake, awake my soul. God resurrect these bones. From death to life, for You alone. Awake my soul.“ Ein Song voller Vitalität. Dazu trägt auch Rapper Lecrae bei, der in seinem Sprechgesangspart Worte aus Hesekiel 37 einbringt. Whom Shall I Fear (God Of Angel Armies) feiert dynamisch Gottes konstante Gegenwart. Einen neuen musikalischen Rahmen gestaltete Chris Tomlin gemeinsam mit Matt Maher für die bekannte Hymne Crown Him With Many Crowns. Kari Jobe begleitet Tomlin bei dieser Version und legt mit ihrer Stimme einen besonderen Glanz hinein. White Flag ist ein Lied über die Hingabe an Gott. Bekannt als Titel-Song des Passion-Albums 2012, gibt es ihn auf „Burning Lights“ erstmals in einer Studio-Version. Burning Lights und Shepherd Boy umrahmen das Album. Trotz Titel-Song ist es das Lied Shepherd Boy, dem die CD seinen Namen verdankt. Inspiriert ist das Stück von der Geschichte Davids, der bevor er König wurde als Hirte auf dem Feld arbeitete. Während er auf die Herde achtete, sang er zu Gottes Ehre. Und so sieht sich auch Tomlin – als Lobpreisleiter möchte er für seine Zuhörer Hirtenfunktion übernehme. Die Leute, zu denen er singt, sind diese Lichter, Menschen deren Herzen für Gott brennen. Und für die möchte Chris Tomlin immer wieder singen: „I‘m just a shepherd boy, singing to a choir of burning lights.“

Für den passionierten Sänger ist nichts mit den Auswirkungen vergleichbar, die Musik haben kann: Brücken können gebaut werden, die in Hoffnung, Heilung und himmlische Höhen führen. Dazu soll auch „Burning Lights“ beitragen.

Chris Tomlin, Gesang, Gitarre

Produced by Ed Cash, Dan Muckala, Jason Ingram

Chris Tomlin
For over a decade, Chris Tomlin has been providing the soundtrack for Sunday morning worship services around the world. His latest song, "Jesus Loves Me" continues to show Tomlin's humble heart as one in awe of the love that God has for him.

More people have heard singer/songwriter Chris Tomlin's songs than Adele's, Katy Perry's, and Kelly Clarkson's combined. Chris Tomlin is undoubtedly one of the most successful songwriters of our generation, as well as the most humble.

A Texas native, Chris’ music of choice while growing up was country. But when Chris’ father gave him his first guitar when he was sick with mono, it soon wasn't just honky-tonk he was playing. By age 14, Chris had written his first worship song.

But pursuing music for a living wasn't exactly Chris’s go-to life plan once he graduated from high school. Confident that God had a plan in mind for his life, but still not really sure what that was specifically, Chris enrolled in college thinking he’d ultimately pursue a career in physical therapy.

Of course, God had other plans for Chris.

After earning a degree in psychology, Chris became friends with Louis Giglio, founder of Passion, designed to create an awakening on college campuses. Responding to Giglio’s invitation to be part of the first Passion worship event, a landmark gathering of thousands of college students in Austin, Texas, Chris eventually found his life’s calling in leading worship.

In November 2011, Chris released a compilation of some of his favorite worship songs throughout the years. The album, entitled How Great Is Our God: The Essential Collection is, as Chris puts it "Possibly the best thing I'll be a part of musically...ever..." The album features songs that have become mainstays in churches worldwide, including "Our God," "The Wonderful Cross" (with Matt Redman), "Indescribable," "Amazing Grace," "Jesus Messiah," "I Will Rise," and a new version of How Great Is Our God (World Edition). The album released on the heels of his highly successful And If Our God Is For Us..., which earned Chris a Grammy for Best Contemporary Christian Music Album in 2012.

Later, he released Burning Lights (January 8, 2013), which features his song, "Whom Shall I Fear." “It really is one of those songs that just flows through you as a prayer,” Chris explains. “Whatever is coming against me, I’m singing this back against it, and in faith to God.”

Even with the success of his own albums, Chris has continued to be part of the Passion movement ever since that first event in 1997, not to mention its now one-year-old church plant, Passion City Church, in Atlanta. Each year, Chris performs at the Passion conferences and his single "White Flag" grew out of the movement.

As fulfilling as it’s been for Chris to lead audiences in worship, simply serving as just another worship artist hasn't been enough. Chris has always been passionate about helping worship leaders thrive in their respective churches.

So at the end of 2006, Chris launched on an online resource called Frequency. Describing the site as “a place to serve God and His people in worship,” he later partnered with Larry Tardy and expanded the effort. Now known as Frequency Worship, the web page includes chord charts for popular worship songs, instructional videos and message boards for worship leaders to connect with—and learn from—each other.

Chris can also be found on Passion: White Flag (March 13, 2012)- a live album recorded at Passion 2012 at The Dome- featuring a variety of artists including: Kristian Stanfill, Christy Nockels, Matt Redman, David Crowder Band and Charlie Hall. As well as the live albums Passion: Let The Future Begin (March 12, 2013), and, Passion: Take It All (April 29, 2014).

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