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Trinity Xperiment
Matthias Krauss and Franz Holtmann first met in Cologne/Germany in the mid-90s. Franz recorded at ATM Studio the second album ‘Vivid Dreams’ of his Heavy Fusion Group TRITON. Matthias rolled the tape and did the mixing, but as a musician he played in parallel keyboards at MATALEX, a Cologne based Fusion Group performing and recording with Names like Randy Brecker, Jean Paul Bourelly, Dany Gottlieb, to name a few. At the time TRITON and MATALEX shared one rhythm section (Jost Nickel dms; Arnd Geise b) and not only for that reason had frequent communication. At the end of the recording session for ‘Vivid Dreams’ when everybody else had already left the studio, Franz and Matthias fooled around a little on their instruments and had some inspiring improvisations together. This first nightly musical meeting has laid the seeds of a long running collaboration leading to TRINITY X, a studio project based on well prepared as well as freely celebrated improvisations. Drum machines and sequencers as helping tools will always be replaced or supplemented later on by a living drummer (Marco Minnemann, Angelo Kelly, Jost Nickel).

the third member of this unique project and well known for his fabulous work with german crossover band H-Blockx gives deep bottom to the meanwhile well selected parts and assembled pieces with his tremendous bass playing and is responsible for a lot of structure-producing editing work. Now and then guest musicians like Holger Czukay of CAN or Neyveli Radhakrisha (Ravi Shankar) are joining TRINITY for special sounds and atmospheres.

Franz Holtmann
played frequently and recorded three LPs with german Jazz Rock Group KATAMARAN in the late 70s/beginning 80s. His power fusion trio TRITON released two albums in the 90s and played a lot of gigs, festivals etc. He released a workbook on guitar improvisation and is writing articles, workshops etc. for guitar magazines. Just as well he is working as a guitar teacher/improvising instructor at the University of Münster/Institute of Musical Education.

Matthias Krauss
aka Mat Junior is blessed with a lot of talents. As a strongly inquired musician he played keyboards and/or guitars with John Lord, Sally Oldfield, Kelly Family, Paddy Kelly, Angelo Kelly, Wolf Maahn, Klaus 'Major' Heuser Band among others and performed on several occasions as the secret keyboarder of The Scorpions. He recorded some albums with Matalex in the 90s and wrote a lot of music for this ambitious band. On the other hand he is considered as an exceptionally gifted sound engineer, always involved in some musical production projects of interest and he is writing music for different occasions too (movie, advertisement, celebrations etc.).

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