DK Ibomeka

Biographie DK Ibomeka

DK Ibomeka
DK is expressive, charming and fun. He sings us a thank you for attending his release “I appreciate you taking the time to celebrate with me.” The crowd was engaged from his first step on stage. He loves his songs, and shared his inspiration for several of them, such as “Interview”, relating his comparison of a first date to a job interview.

DK experimented with singing after hearing and being moved by an Ella Fitzgerald recording. He quietly wrote songs and developed his voice, eventually auditioning for his parents a capella in the kitchen before committing to a career in music. DK values his instrument and has a knack for expressing his three octave range voice throughout his songs.

DK’s boyish qualities and his humourous style came to the fore during his admission that he can’t tie his own tie (his neighbour helped). After attending the release party I think it’s safe to say we’d all offer to help him with his tie anytime.

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