Rough Mix (Remaster) Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane

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Label: Universal Music

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Classic Rock

Interpret: Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane

Komponist: Pete Townshend, Ronnie Lane, Kit Lambert, Wayland D. Holyfield, Don Williams

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  • 1My Baby Gives It Away04:02
  • 2Nowhere To Run03:18
  • 3Rough Mix03:14
  • 4Annie02:57
  • 5Keep Me Turning03:47
  • 6Catmelody03:13
  • 7Misunderstood03:01
  • 8April Fool03:34
  • 9Street In The City06:07
  • 10Heart To Hang Onto04:28
  • 11Till The Rivers All Run Dry03:52
  • Total Runtime41:33

Info zu Rough Mix (Remaster)

„Rough Mix“ is one of the most relaxed albums of Pete Townshend's solo career. With this release, the Who leader leaves the thundering avalanche of his band to create a rustic pub band atmosphere. It's a damned notable pub band to be sure (with guest performances from Charlie Watts, Eric Clapton, and Ian Stewart, to name a few) and one can only surmise how much the late (and former Small Faces member) Ronnie Lane is responsible for the offhand charm.

On „Rough Mix“, ukelele, dobro, and accordion outweigh the Les Pauls and Marshall stacks that usually attend Townshend's music. The album's best tunes (some of which were written and are sung by Lane himself) rely on warm, homespun invitations rather than riffs played at eardrum-shattering volume. With tunes that are by turn bucolically wistful ('Annie'), sweeping and majestic ('Street in the City'), and playfully grandiose ('Misunderstood'), „Rough Mix“ is delightfully out of place in Townshend's catalogue.

„Rough Mix, Pete Townshend's 1977 collaboration with former Small Faces and Faces songwriter and bass player Ronnie Lane, combines the loose, rollicking folk-rock of Lane's former band, Slim Chance, with touches of country, folk, and New Orleans rock & roll, along with Townshend's own trademark style. Lane's tunes, especially the beautiful 'Annie,' possess an understated charm, while Townshend, with songs such as 'Misunderstood,' the Meher Baba-inspired 'Keep Me Turning,' and the strange love song 'My Baby Gives It Away,' delivers some of the best material of his solo career. Rough Mix stands as a minor masterpiece and an overlooked gem in both artists' vast bodies of work. Eric Clapton, John Entwistle, and Charlie Watts guest.“ (Brett Hartenbach, AMG)

Pete Townshend, vocals, guitars, electric guitars, mandolins, bass guitars, banjos, ukuleles
Ronnie Lane, vocals, guitars, electric guitars, mandolins, bass guitars, banjos, ukuleles
Charlie Watts, drums on 'My Baby Gives It Away' and 'Catmelody'
Edwin Astley, orchestrations on 'Street in the City'
John 'Rabbit' Bundrick, organ, Fender Rhodes
Boz Burrell, bass
Mel Collins, saxophones
Eric Clapton, guitars, dobro
Julian Diggle, percussion
John Entwistle, horns
Peter Hope Evans, harmonica
Benny Gallagher, accordion
Tony Gilbert, orchestral leader on 'Street in the City'
Chris Green, principal cello on 'Street in the City'
Charlie Hart, violin on 'Annie'
Chris Laurence, principal bass on 'Street in the City'
Graham Lyle, twelve-string guitar on 'Annie'
Dave Markee, double bass on 'Annie' and 'April Fool'
Billy Nicholls, vocal help on 'Till the Rivers All Run Dry'
Steve Shingles, principal viola on 'Street in the City'
Henry Spinetti, drums on 'Nowhere to Run', 'Rough Mix', 'Keep Me Turning', 'Heart to Hang Onto' and 'Till the Rivers All Run Dry'
Ian Stewart, piano on 'Catmelody'
Charles Vorsanger, principal second violin on 'Street in the City'

Recorded Winter 1976 and Spring 1977 at Olympic Studios, London
Engineered by Engineer Glyn Johns
Produced by Glyn Johns

Digitally remastered

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