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Label: Mapa Records

Genre: Latin

Subgenre: Pop Latino

Interpret: Sonora De Llegar

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FLAC 44.1 $ 13,20
  • 1Fiesta primate03:33
  • 2Living la vida toxica02:48
  • 3Viernes04:02
  • 4Lo que nunca llega04:24
  • 5Boogie moli03:51
  • 6Humos04:24
  • 7Normalite02:57
  • 8Pitilla ska03:36
  • 9Surfeando en el Marga Marga02:37
  • 10De aca02:32
  • 11Chilean shit01:58
  • 12Checho Lopez02:56
  • 13Paga01:03
  • 14Vision de otono02:09
  • Total Runtime42:50

Info zu Fiesta primate

Full of different rhythms such as ska, cumbia, reggae or rock & roll, the album was composed entirely by the band except for the bonus track “Visión de Otoño” which is a song from Los Blue Splendor, a legendary group from Valparaíso. The track was recorded as a tribute. Fiesta Primate is the third record of Sonora de Llegar. It was recorded in HVO Records Studio, Valparaiso by Jorge Urzúa.)

The play of velocity is tested in the songs of the second album of this band of Villa Alemana, between the near reggae pulse of the song 'Pitilla Ska', the more faster rhythm of 'Viernes' and 'Normalité' and the total acceleration of songs 'Cheche Lopez', 'Shilean Shit' or 'Livin La Vida Toxica”.

This band plays ska and rock with real brass. True to the standard, but with their own style and rhythmical input, as expressed in 'Smoke' and as per the harmonics used in 'Viernes', nor forgetting the hardcore punk style of 'Pay': One minute and three seconds of pure acceleration. It’s not speed! They are speed! (EMOL)

In “Fiesta Primate”, Sonora de Llegar’s 2010 album, the group remains committed to ska, but has integrated specific rhythms like cumbia, reggae and rock'n'roll. The title is best understood in light of the energy of their live performances. “We see the mess, and the need to unburden and get rid of negativeness through dance, and partying”

Sonora De Llegar
The popularity of The Floripondio had to bear fruit in their land. Near Villa Alemana, in the town of Quilpué (V region), a new ska band was formed in 2000 called Sonora de Llegar. Making a group of demos, which they called Demole, was their first release the following year. They subsequently gigged a lot in Valparaíso and the surrounding area, and their sound became solid. In 2005 they composed the song “Manifiesta” that won Escuelas the Rock, a Chilean rock band contest.

They were then signed to the record label Sello Azul and were invited to Vive Latino, an international festival that took place in Santiago, in 2007. Their debut album Sonora de Llegar was produced by Macha (Aldo Asenjo from La Floripondio and Chico Trujillo) in Berlin.

Sonora de Llegar was part of a party scene dominated by cumbia rhythm, so their next CD was a mix of styles. On Fiesta Primate they pass from ska to cumbia; from rock to surf, and there’s even a tribute track included with “Visión de Otoño”, a song from the most popular band from Valparaíso during the sixties, Los Blue Splendor.

In their last record, Sesión jamaikismo (2012), Sonora de Llegar took classic ska songs and did versions of them in Spanish.

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