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Label: Paraty

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Subgenre: Vocal

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  • Jehan Titelouze (1563 - 1633): Missa Sex Vocum Cantate:
  • 1Missa Sex Vocum Cantate: I. Kyrie03:24
  • 2Missa Sex Vocum Cantate: II. Gloria04:02
  • 3Missa Sex Vocum Cantate: III. Credo08:24
  • 4Missa Sex Vocum Cantate: IV. Sanctus04:09
  • 5Missa Sex Vocum Cantate: V. Agnus Dei04:39
  • Pange Lingua:
  • 6Pange Lingua: Intonation. Orgue "Pange lingua"02:44
  • 7Pange Lingua: Plain-chant "Nobis datus, nobis natus"00:49
  • 8Pange Lingua: Orgue "In supremae nocte coenae"02:20
  • 9Pange Lingua: Plain-chant "Verbum caro, panem verum"00:50
  • 10Pange Lingua: Orgue "Tantum ergo Sacramentum"03:16
  • 11Pange Lingua: Plain-chant "Genitori, genitoque... Amen"01:14
  • Missa Quatuor Vocum in Ecclesia:
  • 12Missa Quatuor Vocum in Ecclesia: I. Kyrie [1626]02:13
  • 13Missa Quatuor Vocum in Ecclesia: II. Gloria [1626]03:30
  • 14Missa Quatuor Vocum in Ecclesia: III. Credo [1626]06:19
  • 15Missa Quatuor Vocum in Ecclesia: IV. Sanctus [1626]03:44
  • 16Missa Quatuor Vocum in Ecclesia: V. Agnus Dei [1626]03:58
  • Magnificat Secundi Toni:
  • 17Magnificat Secundi Toni: Intonation. Orgue "Magnificat anima mea dominum"01:33
  • 18Magnificat Secundi Toni: Verset chanté "Et exultavit spiritus meus"00:44
  • 19Magnificat Secundi Toni: Orgue "Quia respexit humilitatem"01:41
  • 20Magnificat Secundi Toni: Verset chanté "Quia fecit mihi magna00:34
  • 21Magnificat Secundi Toni: Orgue "Et misericordia ejus"01:30
  • 22Magnificat Secundi Toni: Verset chanté "Fecit potentiam"00:25
  • 23Magnificat Secundi Toni: Orgue "Deposuit potentes01:42
  • 24Magnificat Secundi Toni: Verset chanté "Esurientes implevit bonis"00:30
  • 25Magnificat Secundi Toni: Orgue "Suscepit Israël"01:25
  • 26Magnificat Secundi Toni: Verset chanté "Sicut locutus est"00:30
  • 27Magnificat Secundi Toni: Orgue "Gloria Patri et Filio"01:28
  • 28Magnificat Secundi Toni: Verset chanté "Sicut erat in Principio…"00:49
  • Total Runtime01:08:26

Info zu Les Messes retrouvées de Jehan Titelouze

At the end of 2016, musicologist Laurent Guillo discovered a collection of 26 musical works from the beginning of the 17th century at the Fels Library of the Catholic University of Paris. Among these works were four musical masses by Jehan Titelouze (1563-1633), the Rouen Cathedral organist from the end of the 16th century until his death, considered the founder of the French school of organ.The discovery of these masses printed in 1626 will considerably enlarge the sacred repertoire at the cusp between the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Two are in four parts (Missa In ecclesia, Missa Votiva) and two are in six parts (Missa Simplici corde, Missa Cantate).

Les Meslanges ensemble – under the direction of Thomas Van Essen and Volny Hostiou – has endeavoured to “recreate” them in two discs, continuing the work of its previous programmes, which have attracted the attention of both the public and the press.

Les Meslanges
Francois Menissier, organ
Thomas Van Essen, tenor
Volny Hostiou, tenor

Les Meslanges
an ensemble of instrumental and vocal soloists created by Thomas Van Essen, driven by a passion for the diversity that early music offers. The fundamental aim of the ensemble is to put music into its historical and artistic context, through an exploration of its relationship to the art and litterature of its time. Several forms of concerts are used : « lecture concerts », reading out of texts or literary compositions forging links to the music, and the use of elements of set to draw the audience into the music by de Boesset, Le Camus, Charpentier …

One of the particularities of the ensemble is the alternation between the voices in the quire accompanied by the serpent and organ in the gallery, in the manner music was executed from the 16th to the 18th centuries : Masses, Magnificats, Te Deums… The ensemble collaborates with organists such as François Ménissier and Jean-Luc Ho in programmes featuring organ pieces and faux-bourdon plainsong with serpent. In 2013, Volny Hostiou joined the ensemble as associate director, alongside Thomas Van Essen. From it’s beginings in Normandy, the ensemble has performed thoughout France and has been invited to several prestigious music festivals : Sinfonia en Périgord, International Early Music Festival of Ribeauvillé (twice), Baroque Festival of Pontoise …

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