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FLAC 48 $ 8,30
  • 1Africa05:07
  • 2Back to Black04:01
  • 3Shenandoah04:03
  • 4Kathy's Song03:49
  • 5Susann03:59
  • 6Besvärjelse (Vi kommer älska dig då)06:10
  • 7Om kvelden05:04
  • 8Why Walk When You Can Fly02:55
  • 9Moon River04:31
  • Total Runtime39:39

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My name is Ingrid Olava. I make music, sing and play the piano. Right now I am working on my second album. It is a stressful and fantastic process where I tend to forget to sleep, and when I do sleep, I dream, and when I dream I write songs and then I loose more sleep. Writing is magic, it turns me on!

I have always sung, I just had to grow up to dare to sing in front of other people. I have been in love with the piano all my life. To get to sing and play for an audience, travel around and live this life is a dream come true. I am forever greatful to all of you who listen and make it possible.

My first heart-felt encounter with art was reading my first novels as a child, mainly books by Roald Dahl and Astrid Lindgren. I owe them so much regarding development of my empathy and imagination. There were few records in my childhood home, but I repeatedly listened to Elton John and Billy Joel. By the time I was nine I was a fanatic Michael Jackson fan. He still makes me dance. When the hard teens hit, I became aware of the massive amount of art in the world, but never really chose a specific path. I played piano in the christian youth choir, but had also fallen in love with the guys and the jukebox at my local rock bar. Gospel and punk rock. Ballads and beer. I was a big Motorpsycho fan, but took refuge in the comfort of Stina Nordenstam. I fell in love with the piano for good when I found 'Jazz på Svenska' by Jan Johansson. I found Joni Mitchell, Gillian Welch, Judee Sill and Patti Smith. I was astonished by the songwriting skills of The Beatles and The Beach boys. I felt doors open up inside me when I was presented with classical music by for example Sibelius, Arvo Pärt, Ligeti or Stravinsky. Inspiration and influence is everywhere. The last few years I've had huge experiences encountering japanese anime, listening to countless classic artists like Nina Simone or Bob Dylan, or discovering astonishing talents of our time, like Antony and the Johnsons or the sweet, sweet songwriter Daniel Johnston. I can't really name them all, or draw the lines between me and them in any orderly way. Influence is a never ending river that runs through my life, and I am greatful to all the artists that have left their fingerprints on my heart.

Andreas Ulvo, piano
Ingrid Olava, vocals

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