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Label: 2xHD

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Compilations

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  • 1Audiophile Speakers Test Presentation00:58
  • 2The Pink Panther03:54
  • 3Everybody Loves Somebody04:25
  • 4Story04:47
  • 5Very Early05:14
  • 6Good Morning Heartache03:42
  • 7Jazz Session03:47
  • 8Greek Tycoon: Bouzouki Music03:14
  • 9Cello Suite (excerpt)02:27
  • 10String Quartet in G Minor (excerpt)03:46
  • 11Concert Piano02:17
  • 12J'entend la chanson des filles01:12
  • 13Brandenburg Concerto No. 1 in F Major, BWV 1046 (excerpt)05:28
  • 14Trumpet Solo01:28
  • 15Lieder Recital02:20
  • 16Harp03:36
  • 17Cello Sonata, Op. 25, No. 3 (excerpt)01:41
  • 18Guitar01:10
  • 19Bassoon: Bassoon 100:22
  • 20Bassoon: Bassoon 200:40
  • 21Violin02:00
  • 22Duduk00:59
  • 23Bawu00:52
  • 24Trumpet00:46
  • 25Flugelhorn01:06
  • 26Violin Concerto (excerpt)06:40
  • 27Romeo and Juliet Suite No. 1, Op. 64bis: Dance of the Knights02:09
  • 28Orchestra Excerpt00:44
  • 29Pictures at an Exhibition (arr. for orchestra): Pictures at an Exibition (excerpt)01:14
  • 30Le sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring) (excerpt)04:58
  • 31Organ Music01:30
  • 32Extreme Dynamics00:38
  • 33Extreme Dynamics: Percussion 102:39
  • 34Extreme Dynamics: World Music 101:02
  • 35Extreme Dynamics: World Music 200:58
  • 36Extreme Dynamics: Percussion 201:47
  • 37Extreme Dynamics: Percussion 301:09
  • 38Extreme Dynamics: Percussion 400:42
  • 39Extreme Dynamics: Percussion 501:39
  • 40Extreme Dynamics: Percussion 601:05
  • 41Extreme Dynamics: Percussion 701:16
  • 42Instructions for Speaker Placement: STEP 1. BASS02:07
  • 43Instructions for Speaker Placement: Djembe: extreme bass01:30
  • 44Instructions for Speaker Placement: Octobass: 28Hz, 56Hz00:27
  • 45Instructions for Speaker Placement: Octobass: 42Hz, 84Hz00:26
  • 46Instructions for Speaker Placement: Octobass: 28Hz to 224Hz00:32
  • 47Instructions for Speaker Placement: Octobass: 36Hz, 56Hz,112Hz, 224Hz00:27
  • 48Instructions for Speaker Placement: STEP 2. Toe-in01:33
  • 49Instructions for Speaker Placement: STEP 3. Levelling00:27
  • 50Instructions for Speaker Placement: Angle00:44
  • 51Instructions for Speaker Placement: STEP 4. Subwoofer Placement and Phasing01:01
  • 52Instructions for Speaker Placement: Crossover Setting00:48
  • 53Instructions for Speaker Placement: Subwoofer Second Option00:20
  • 54Instructions for Speaker Placement: STEP 5. Corner Treatment and Imaging00:54
  • 55Instructions for Speaker Placement: Corner Absorber00:13
  • 56Instructions for Speaker Placement: Room Challenges00:32
  • 57Precise Location and Depth of Field00:36
  • 58Precise Location and Depth of Field: Center, 8 ft.00:49
  • 59Precise Location and Depth of Field: Mid left, 11 ft.00:37
  • 60Precise Location and Depth of Field: Left, 18 ft.00:45
  • 61Precise Location and Depth of Field: Mid right, 11 ft.00:46
  • 62Precise Location and Depth of Field: Right, 18 ft.00:43
  • 63Precise Location and Depth of Field: Left, 30 ft.00:38
  • 64Precise Location and Depth of Field: Mid left, 28 ft.00:28
  • 65Precise Location and Depth of Field: Center, 28 ft.00:39
  • 66Precise Location and Depth of Field: Mid right, 28 ft.00:34
  • 67Precise Location and Depth of Field: Right, 30 ft.00:35
  • 68Precise Location and Depth of Field: Octobass recording01:28
  • 69Precise Location and Depth of Field: 2xHD Audiophile High res system test album00:23
  • Total Runtime01:53:23

Info for Audiophile Speaker Set-Up

This album was created to help the audiophile - as well as the neophyte - find the best placement for installation of their speakers in order to obtain optimum performance within their personal parameters. With over 115 minutes of music, sonic examples and instructions, this companion to the best-selling album 2xHD Audiophile Hi-Res System Test will help you set up your speakers for an ultimate listening experience.

The album includes 13 tracks of spoken instructions for speaker placement and tweaking which are also reproduced in the accompanying 61 page e booklet with colorful, helpful illustrations. The other 56 tracks contain music and sonic examples to use for judging the progress of the placement, as well as a good dose of music tracks for listening pleasure.

This album is a must for all.

The 2xHD Fusion Mastering System: In the constant evolution of its proprietary mastering process, 2xHD has progressed to a new phase called 2xHD FUSION, integrating the finest analog, with state-of-the-art digital technology.

The mastering chain consists of a selection of high-end vacuum tube equipment. For the recordings on this album, the original ¼" 15 ips NAB and CCIR master tapes were played on a Nagra-T tape recorder, modified with high-end tube playback electronics, wired with OCC silver cable from the playback head direct to a Nick Doshi tube head preamplifier. The Nagra T, with its four direct drive motors, two pinch rollers and a tape tension head, has one of the best transports ever made. A custom-built carbon fiber head block and a head damping electronic system permit 2xHD FUSION to obtain a better resolution and 3D imaging.

The resulting signal is then transferred into high resolution formats by recording it in DSD 11.2 MHz using a Merging Technologies' Horus A to D converter. All analog and digital cables that are used are state of the art. The 2xHD FUSION mastering system is powered by a super capacitor power supply, using a new technology that lowers the digital noise found in the lowest level of the spectrum. A vacuum tube NAGRA HDdac (DSD) is used as a reference digital playback converter in order to A and B with the original analog master tape, permitting the fusion of the warmth of analog with the refinement of digital.

2xHD was created by producer/studio owner André Perry and audiophile sound engineer René Laflamme.

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Booklet for Audiophile Speaker Set-Up

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