Colony Collapse Disorder Thulla

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Label: MusikGalaxen

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Mainstream Jazz

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FLAC 44.1 $ 9.00
  • 1Carry on the Dancin'03:38
  • 2Love Will Find Me04:37
  • 3Colony Collapse Disorder06:03
  • 4Sailor Song / Harbor Bar02:26
  • 5Spirit in the Graveyard03:54
  • 6People Are Strange02:45
  • 7Stay and Make My Day03:34
  • 8Nature in the Doldrums03:27
  • 9Alabama Song / Whisky Bar04:07
  • 10The White Lady04:19
  • Total Runtime38:50

Info for Colony Collapse Disorder

“The second album from this strange and fascinating Danish singer finds her continuing her equally strange and fascinating exploration of jazz, cabaret, and synth pop sounds by means of a mixed bag of original songs and jazz and pop standards. Like her eponymous debut, Spirit of Yesterday is consistently fun but sometimes a bit befuddling; Thulla’s voice still sounds like a conference call between Macy Gray, Betty Boop, and Billie Holiday, and her English lyrics are still charmingly loopy (“Even you’re walking steady in a drugstore/You just carry on!”) (…) The album’s most unique and immediately accessible moment comes at the very end in the form of an electro-pop arrangement of “My Way,” which features an extended accordion solo with harpsichord obbligato. Recommended!” (AMG, Rick Anderson)

Thulla's Merry-go-round

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