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  • 1Anima06:14
  • 2Mama06:57
  • 3Fall Mood06:41
  • 4Le pliage de Miura07:34
  • 5Intro Muse01:59
  • 6Muse04:51
  • 7Rue Delta05:14
  • 8Partenze #101:59
  • 9Partenze #209:21
  • Total Runtime50:50

Info zu Suite for Modigliani

Suite for Modigliani is a homage to a passion that clarinetist Matteo Pastorino has felt since childhood, his passion for Amedeo Modigliani.

Matteo Pastorino: "It is an expression of my impressions and emotions about Modi’s art and life. The composed music was inspired by key events in his life, his creative process and his artistic pursuit. The pure, abstract beauty of his work reminds me that the past and present in the art of any era can communicate with each other with intense authenticity and graceful respect. This dimension of Modi’s art has always fascinated me and guided me in my own musical journey. In painting, sculpture, music and other forms of artistic expression, all spontaneous quests for grace and purity echo, equate and ultimately coalesce with one another. The following musicians have inspired, accompanied and supported me in this creative undertaking: Matthieu Roffé (piano), Damien Varaillon (double bass) and Jean Baptiste Pinet (drums). The quartet also had the pleasure of welcoming guitarist Gilad Hekselman as its special guest."

“One should consider all great works of art just as one does the works of nature. First in its aesthetic reality, then outside of the development and mysteries involved in creation, the very thing which excited and moved its creator.” – A. Modigliani, 1904 or 1905, letter to Oscar Ghiglia

Matteo Pastorino, clarinet
Gilad Hekselman, guitar
Matthieu Roffé, piano
Damien Varaillon, bass
Jean Baptiste Pinet, drums

Matteo Pastorino
Born in Sardinia in 1989, he began to play clarinet at the age of 13. Very soon, his passion turned to jazz thanks to his bass player father. The young self-taught man then received his first educational supervision from Nuoro Jazz workshops led by trompetist Paolo Fresu. There, he was awarded several scholarships, one of them granting him the opportunity to record an album and play in various Italian jazz festivals.

At 19, he moved to Paris to pursue his jazz education at the Music Conservatory of Paris. Amongst his teachers : Nicolas Dary, Jean-Charles Richard, Emil Spanyi, Pierre Bertrand, André Villeger, Joe Quitzke. Summer 2009 was marked by the Siena jazz, where he had the chance to study with Kenny Werner, Clarence Penn, Aaron Goldberg, Miguel Zenon, Jim Snidero. The ‘best musician’ scholarship also allowed him to study with Chris Potter.

In 2012, at the Saint Germain des Près jazz festival (Paris) not only his quartet won the spring- board 1st award in bands contest but Matteo, himself, received the Selmer prize for best soloist with a endorsement from the pretigious brand. Still in 2012, he was awarded the public choice prize and the 2nd prize at the International Jazz Soloist Competition of Monaco.

In 2015 he was awarded the press prize at the International Competition "Premio Massimo Urbani"

Besides working with his quartet, Matteo Pastorino appears in several other projects: Clax3, Du-Os / Tri-Os, Nicola Andrioli Fourth Stream Ensemble, Talmest, Playground Four, Julian Getreau Quartet … He performed et/or recorded with: Joe Sanders, Jason Palmer, Kenny Werner, Michael Blake, Guillaume De Chassy, Thomas Savy, Nicolas Folmer, Bruno Micheli, Francesco Bearzatti, Nicola Andrioli, Francesco Ciniglio, Lukmil Perrez, Thomas Encho, Franco D’Andrea, Antoine Banville, Cyrille Aimé, Ernest Dawkins, Mauro Gargano, Ettore Fioravanti, Claudio Filippini, Tino Tracanna…

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