Templo (Remaster 2015) Luis Eduardo Aute

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Label: Sony Music Latin

Genre: Latin

Subgenre: Pop Latino

Interpret: Luis Eduardo Aute

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  • 1El Verbo Se Hizo Carne02:19
  • 2Aleluya No. 505:52
  • 3El Sagrado Perfume01:53
  • 4No Soy Digno06:21
  • 5Extasis de Angeles Caídos03:22
  • 6No la Boca Sino el Beso04:28
  • 7Descendimiento02:58
  • 8Angelus06:41
  • 9Pumpum, Pumpum04:55
  • 10Irreversiblemente03:29
  • 11Tengo Sed01:44
  • 12Por Donde Levitas03:01
  • 13Tu Sueño Eterno04:11
  • 14Cada Vez Que Me Amas05:36
  • 15Lágrima de Sangre01:26
  • 16Idiosincrasia04:34
  • 17Al Fin02:38
  • 18Transfiguraciones03:32
  • Total Runtime01:09:00

Info zu Templo (Remaster 2015)

Luis Eduardo Aute is one of the best singer-songwriters to hail from Spain. His singing voice is truly magical, arguably possessing the most beautiful sounding voice in the Spanish language. This Phillipine born Spaniard, takes us into a spiritual journey, integrating his Catholic upbringing into themes of love, hope, despair, etc. His poetic style of writing and deep insightful observations about life emerge very powerfully and definitely connects with me. He does a gregorian chant song 'Transfiguraciones', a noble effort,but a little hard to hear, perhaps raise the volume a bit. Also 'No soy digno' could do with a lot less of that montonous drum sound. Aside from those imperfections, this album is a magical , mystical experience for me. Furthermore, the spirit and energy of this album is based on that universal love we all long for. I therefore recommend this album enthusically, guaranteeing that you will be soothed and refreshed by Aute's glorious sounding voice.

Luis Eduardo Aute
is a Spanish musician, singer-songwriter, film director, painter and poet. First Years in The Philippines: Luis Eduardo Aute was born in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, on September 13, 1943. His father, a Catalan (from Catalonia, Spain), had been working in that country since 1919, for a tobacco company, and was married to a Filipina of Spanish descent. In his childhood, Aute studied at the De La Salle School, where he learned English and Tagalog, which is used within his family. At an early age he showed great ability as a painter and sketcher. Another childhood passion was cinema; his interest in filmmaking was abetted by his parents' giving him an 8 mm camera, which he used to produce home-made movies with his friends.

At 8 years old, he traveled to Spain for the first time. In Madrid, with the Hotel Avenida Orchestra, he sang for the first time in public, interpreting the song Las hojas muertas (The Dead Leaves). At age 9 he watched "On the Waterfront", a movie that had a powerful influence on him and inspired him to write his first poems in English. Another cinematic influence at that age was the movie Niagara, where he discovered the eroticism and sensuality of Marilyn Monroe.

Return to Spain: In 1954 after a short stay in Barcelona, Aute returned definitively to Madrid, where he studied in the "Colegio Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas" (Catholic School). At 15 years old, with his new guitar received as a birthday present, he performed at an end of school party, as part of a trio with two friends. During these years he was very influenced by German Expressionism, and dedicated most of his time to paint, winning a silver medal in a Spanish 'Juvenile Art Contest'.

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