North On South St. (Remastered) Herb Alpert

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  • 1Jump Street04:48
  • 2It's The Last Dance04:36
  • 3Passion Lady04:47
  • 4North On South St.03:36
  • 5Paradise 2504:20
  • 6Na Na Na04:16
  • 7Funky Reggae04:51
  • 8Where's Tommy?04:00
  • 9City Terrace04:10
  • 10I Can't Stop Thinking About You05:09
  • Total Runtime44:33

Info zu North On South St. (Remastered)

Herb Alpert's early successes revealed a man with a keen sense of popular music trends and melodies. North On South Street songs The master of trumpet-pop has once again updated his sound, this time taking on the hip-hop rhythms and dance grooves of the 1990s.

There is a plethora of rhythmic devices, percussive beats, and synthesizers simulating traditional and exotic instruments as well as more industrial sounds North On South Street album for sale. "The Last Dance" features a ticking clock tempo and subtle echoes of clanking pipes before exploding into a tossed salad of musical textures North On South Street CD music. "Passion Lady" benefits from the addition of wordless female vocal riffs North On South Street buy CD music. Coursing throughout all these numbers is his sonorous and passionate trumpet work North On South Street songs. As on the title track, the melody Alpert sets is often the crucial factor determining the feeling of the song. It's sexy, urban, and festive.

„Ever attuned to what is happening out there in recordland, Herb Alpert tried to graft his trumpet onto the rhythms and textures of hip-hop and techno-dance music in North On South St., hoping again to crash the R&B charts. He used four young black co-producers (Greg Smith, Robert Jerald, Jimmy B and Troy Staton) and they get some festively percolating grooves going on tracks like "Passion Lady" and "Paradise 25." Clearly Alpert's early jazz leanings were beckoning more strongly, and his Miles Davis-like musings over the dance tumult actually anticipated the acid-jazz movement later in the decade, making this a historically important record. Yet there is something melancholy about Alpert's playing on this album, like a lonely figure from the past looking in on a party from an outside window on the street, genuinely wanting to join in but unable to totally connect. Still, for someone of Alpert's age (56) at the time of release, it is amazing that he was willing and able to stay in touch with the cutting edge of contemporary pop.“ (Richard S. Ginell, AMG)

Herb Alpert, trumpet, vocals, drum programming
Greg Smith, keyboards, programming, sampling
Joe Rotandi, acoustic piano
Kevin Ricard, percussion
Kenny McCloud, guitar
Tony Sapp, bass
Eddie Del Barrio, bass, keyboards
Chris Boyd, drum programming
Steve Smith, drum programming
Jimmy B., drum programming
Troy Staton, drum, bass & keyboard programming

Produced by Herb Alpert, Greg Smith, Robert Gerald, Jimmy B, Troy Staton

Digitally remastered

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