Multitasking (Polish Jazz vol. 82) Kuba Więcek Trio

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Label: WM Poland

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Contemporary Jazz

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  • 1SUGARboost (MQ Stereo)03:38
  • 2Tacos in LA (MQS Stereo)03:35
  • 3Me & My Present Reason (MQS Stereo)03:32
  • 4Niszczycielskie buldożery (MQS Stereo)03:22
  • 5Jazz Robots (feat. Marcin Masecki) (MQS Stereo)04:03
  • 6Jazz Masala (MQS Stereo)06:21
  • 7Eden (MQS Stereo)06:17
  • 8Wspomnienia starego kowala i jego los (MQS Stereo)03:41
  • 9The Day Off (MQS Stereo)01:11
  • 10Multitasking (MQS Stereo)03:03
  • Total Runtime38:43

Info zu Multitasking (Polish Jazz vol. 82)

Multitasking' is a second album by Kuba Wiecek Trio released on Warner Music Poland on legendary Polish Jazz series (historic lable of Krzysztof Komeda and Tomasz Stanko). Their debut album 'Another Raindrop', which was released two years ago, have received many awards by polish music industry, as well as gained attention of international audiences, reviewers and festivals. They have been touring all across Europe as well as USA and Asia.

„Already during the first tour promoting our debut album I found out, that the time for the changes had come. The first album was recorded completely acoustically, and for this one we’ve prepared some more instruments like electric bass, synthesizers, glockenspiel, voice and more. We are still experimenting with the new forms in composition as well as trying to find new spaces for improvisation. I really like to write songs that make us step out of our comfort zones to get us to those unknown places.” (Kuba Wiecek)

"Two years ago alto saxophonist Kuba Więcek became at 23 the youngest leader to have his album released in the cult series Polish Jazz. Following his sensational debut “Another Raindrop”, now comes his second outing “Multitasking,” recorded by the same trio with two older cohorts: Michał Barański on acoustic and electric basses and Łukasz Żyta on drums and glockenspiel. The notorious Marcin Masecki is guesting on synthesizer in one piece. It is a remarkable effort showing the young saxist’s creative zest and search for new sound combinations – subtle electronic effects, Middle Eastern modes and even an attempt by Michał Barański at Konnakol (the South Indian Carnatic art of performing percussion syllables vocally). The record production is impeccable, the trio’s musicianship stunning, but at the same time relaxed and full of humor. Each piece is completely different." (

Kuba Więcek, alto and soprano saxophones
Michal Barański, double bass
Łukasz Żyta, drums

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