The Hits (Remastered) The Dave Clark Five

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Label: BMG

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Interpret: The Dave Clark Five

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  • 1Do You Love Me (2019 - Remaster)02:43
  • 2Glad All Over (2019 - Remaster)02:43
  • 3Bits and Pieces (2019 - Remaster)01:58
  • 4Can't You See That She's Mine (2019 - Remaster)02:21
  • 5Everybody Knows (I Still Love You) (2019 - Remaster)01:41
  • 6Don't Let Me Down (2019 - Remaster)01:42
  • 7Any Way You Want It (2019 - Remaster)02:29
  • 8Wild Weekend (2019 - Remaster)01:50
  • 9Catch Us If You Can (2019 - Remaster)01:54
  • 10Because (2019 - Remaster)02:22
  • 11I Like it Like That (2019 - Remaster)01:38
  • 12Reelin' and Rockin' (2019 - Remaster)02:47
  • 13Over and Over (2019 - Remaster)01:59
  • 14Come Home (2019 - Remaster)02:48
  • 15You Got What It Takes (2019 - Remaster)02:58
  • 16Try Too Hard (2019 - Remaster)02:08
  • 17Everybody Knows (2019 - Remaster)02:19
  • 18I'll Be Yours My Love (2019 - Remaster)02:42
  • 19Nineteen Days (2019 - Remaster)01:49
  • 20Look Before You Leap (2019 - Remaster)02:18
  • 21Til the Right One Comes Along (2019 - Remaster)01:55
  • 22All Night Long (2019 - Remaster)03:10
  • 23Good Old Rock 'N' Roll (Medley; 2019 - Remaster)03:26
  • 24Sha-Na-Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye (2019 - Remaster)03:15
  • 25Here Comes Summer (2019 - Remaster)02:54
  • 26Put a Little Love in Your Heart (2019 - Remaster)02:55
  • 27Everybody Get Together (2019 - Remaster)03:17
  • 28Universal Love (2019 - Remaster)04:09
  • Total Runtime01:10:10

Info zu The Hits (Remastered)

2008 collection from the '60s Pop/Rock quintet, their only official 'hits' compilation available on the market for over a decade. Before the Rolling Stones, the Dave Clark Five were seen as being the Beatles most serious rivals. With their hit 'Glad All Over' knocking 'I Want to Hold Your Hand' off the number one spot. DC5's own unique brand of music sold in excess of 100 million records. They were the first English group to tour the United States, spearheading the British Invasion. During their first two years in the U.S., they scored no less than fifteen consecutive Top 20 hits, more than anyone except the Beatles. They took the world by storm and helped change the Rock scene, blasting hit after hit over the world's radio airwaves.

"Although they never wowed the critics like the Beatles did, for a time in the mid-'60s the Dave Clark Five were the Fab Four's main commercial competition, turning out hit after hit and selling an astounding 100 million records before all was said and done. This generous, 28-track, single-disc anthology has all the essentials (the DC5 were never really an album band but they sure knew how to make singles), including "Glad All Over," "Catch Us If You Can," "Over and Over," "Can't You See That She's Mine," "Bits and Pieces," and the gorgeous ballad "Because," among others, making this a more than adequate introduction and career survey of a wonderfully fun and often underrated band." (Steve Leggett, AMG)

The Dave Clark Five

Digitally remastered

The Dave Clark Five
are usually compared with their British contemporaries, the Beatles. Though clearly not in the same league, they don't deserve to be completely dismissed.

The London based DC5 got together in the early 60's in the hopes of raising money for their football club so they could play some matches on the continent. Forming around drummer Dave Clark, the group featured Mike Smith on keyboards and vocals. By '63, as the Beatles were tearing up England, the DC 5 signed a recording contract. Their first hit was a cover of the Contour's "Do You Love Me" but the big news came months later when "Glad All Over" displaced the Beatles "I Want To Hold Your Hand" at #1. The London press predicted the "Liverpool fad" would be replaced by the Tottenham (DC5's London stomping ground) Sound. It was utter nonsense. "I Want To Hold Your Hand" couldn't stay on top forever. Something had to replace it.

"Catch Us If You Can," "Can't You See That She's Mine" and "Bits and Pieces" were among the DC5's best Rockers. The group, thanks to extensive TV exposure, kept going strong through '66 (a long run in Rock n' Roll years). They even made a decent movie "Having A Wild Weekend."

The other notable thing about the DC5 was Dave Clark himself. Rockers have been consistently cheated out of royalties or made horrendous investments. Both the Beatles and Rolling Stones lost huge sums (even though Mick Jagger was an economics student). But they earned so much the loss wasn't fatal - but pretty close. Lesser bands, usually found themselves broke shortly after the hits stopped. Some even before. Dave Clark owned exclusive rights to his group's recordings and managed them extraordinarily well. When the plug was pulled on the landmark British music show "Ready, Steady, Go!" Clark bought the program rights. The show contained performances by his band and just about every major and minor Rock act from the mid-60's. Doling out the music footage was another Clark moneymaker.

As the late-60's dawned the straight-ahead Rock of the DC5 was woefully out of fashion. Also, the group made some bad song choices. The DC5 were probably the only group with all its members surviving the 60's not to play the revival circuit. The reason was simple; Clark didn't need the money.

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