Antoniotto: Sonates pour violoncelle et basse continue Ensemble Hemiolia and Claire Lamquet

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  • Giorgio Antoniotto (1680-1776): Sonata 6 en Mi Mineur:
  • 1Sonata 6 en Mi Mineur: I. Adagio02:56
  • 2Sonata 6 en Mi Mineur: II. Spiritoso02:19
  • 3Sonata 6 en Mi Mineur: III. Grave01:10
  • 4Sonata 6 en Mi Mineur: IV. Allegro01:13
  • Sonata 5 en La Majeur:
  • 5Sonata 5 en La Majeur: I. Adagio02:30
  • 6Sonata 5 en La Majeur: II. Spiritoso01:51
  • 7Sonata 5 en La Majeur: III. Grave01:42
  • 8Sonata 5 en La Majeur: IV. Allegro assai02:36
  • Sonata 11 en La Mineur:
  • 9Sonata 11 en La Mineur: I. Adagio01:59
  • 10Sonata 11 en La Mineur: II. Vivace01:48
  • 11Sonata 11 en La Mineur: III. Adagio02:10
  • 12Sonata 11 en La Mineur: IV. Vivace01:38
  • Sonata 2 en Fa Majeur:
  • 13Sonata 2 en Fa Majeur: I. Adagio03:52
  • 14Sonata 2 en Fa Majeur: II. Prestissimo01:34
  • 15Sonata 2 en Fa Majeur: III. Grave01:41
  • 16Sonata 2 en Fa Majeur: IV. Allegro01:41
  • Sonata 3 en Si-Bémol Majeur:
  • 17Sonata 3 en Si-Bémol Majeur: I. Adagio03:14
  • 18Sonata 3 en Si-Bémol Majeur: II. Spiritoso01:48
  • 19Sonata 3 en Si-Bémol Majeur: III. Grave01:27
  • 20Sonata 3 en Si-Bémol Majeur: IV. Vivace02:11
  • Sonata 4 en Ré Mineur:
  • 21Sonata 4 en Ré Mineur: I. Adagio assai e sostenuto03:06
  • 22Sonata 4 en Ré Mineur: II. Allegro02:03
  • 23Sonata 4 en Ré Mineur: III. Largo02:40
  • 24Sonata 4 en Ré Mineur: IV. Vivace01:47
  • Sonata 10 en Fa-Dièse Mineur:
  • 25Sonata 10 en Fa-Dièse Mineur: I. Adagio03:45
  • 26Sonata 10 en Fa-Dièse Mineur: II. Allegro02:11
  • 27Sonata 10 en Fa-Dièse Mineur: III. Adagio01:57
  • 28Sonata 10 en Fa-Dièse Mineur: IV. Presto01:36
  • Total Runtime01:00:25

Info for Antoniotto: Sonates pour violoncelle et basse continue

The discovery of works which are essentially unknown is always a special moment in the life of a musician, especially a curious one. In this case, all the more, since early 18th century solo cello repertoire is not terribly abundant. At the time, the instrument began to evolve from the lone function attributed to it for decades: the role of the bass.

May this recording pay tribute to a musician who lived a life worthy of a novel, and whose sensitive sonatas are the only palpable evidence of the originality and fantasy with which he continues to inspire us. (Claire Lamquet)

Ensemble Hemiolia
Claire Lamquet, cello, direction

Lamquet Claire
graduated from the Lille National Conservatory, the National Conservatory of Paris and the Bellini Conservatory in Palermo.

She is the founder and artistic director of the Ensemble Hemiolia, with whom she recorded the composer’s work northerner Marie Alexandre Guenin (critically acclaimed recordings: Diapason and 4 5/5 Muse Baroque). She obtained in June 2010 Jacolin-Dufresne Award Fondation de France for this work.

Passionate about chamber music, she released a CD in 2013 dedicated to the work for string trio romantic composer Pierre Crémont (Socadisc Distribution) with Concordia Ensemble and a CD “Handel” with the Ensemble Hemiolia ( NewArts International Distribution).

Claire Lamquet occurs in many concert seasons and festivals in France and abroad (Saintes festival, Toulouse les Orgues Festival, Mozart Festival in Augsburg, Suona Francese Festival, Festival dei Saraceni, Liaisons Musicales festival, Embaroquement Instant festival, festival Ars Terra, International Festival Harpe en Avesnois, Maison de la Radio …).

With the trio Concordia, she was invited for a tour in Russia (September 2014: Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rybinsk, Jaroslav) with trios Pierre Crémont. The tour was dubbed an educational project with the Baroque Orchestra of the Moscow Conservatory, which occurred with the trio Concordia in a program of French music after 3 work days around Peter Crémont.

She published an article for the journal eighteenth century (Marie-Alexandre Guenin between Enlightenment and Romanticism – éd.PUF), and collaborated on the book “The Italian violin” (Opera of Dijon, Harmonia Mundi).

Claire Lamquet holds a degree in philosophy. Holder of the State Diploma as arts and winner of the Competition of the Territorial Civil Service, she teaches part-time at the Conservatoire d’Arras.

Ensemble Hemiolia
Based in northern France, Hemiolia Ensemble was created in 2008 by cellist Claire Lamquet. More than a hundred concerts in France and Europe shaped the tone from the set of variable geometry room on historically informed instruments and whose most musicians have studied in both France and Italy.

The Ensemble Hemiolia is a musical ensemble of baroque music with variable geometry, musicians change and vary depending on the projects and their availability, their musical features too. On this page you will find videos with some of the musicians of the Ensemble Hemiolia, so that you know them better. These videos will be subject to rolling so to let you know all the musicians of our ensemble, and make you want to come and listen.

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