Hear. Relax. Enjoy.
Lothar - 03.08.2014 18:01

Lindemann USB-DACs musicbook:10 and :15 You love music? You treasure the perfect sound quality of high-definition recordings? You play back ... mehr


Dressed to impressed

Lothar - 20.11.2012 - 22:16

AURALiC VEGA DSD digital audio processor AURALiC VEGA – the next generation digital audio processor developed with the goal of ...more

Store & stream

Lothar - 23.08.2012 - 22:18

Integrita – Audiophile Music Server Integrita is a new audiophile music server from data storage specialists Certon Systems, utilising the ...more

Hybrid Uniti is here!

Lothar - 18.09.2012 - 22:04

Naim All-in-One-Player “UnitiLite” UnitiLite takes the feature set of the award-winning NaimUniti, including high-resolution music streaming (up to 32bit 192kHz) ...more

Digital High End

Simple & Convenient HighRes

Lothar - 07.07.2014 11:14


Bluesound Vault V500 Streamer, Ripper & 1 TB NAS with HIGHRESAUDIO Download Manager und Online Store The Vault is a ... mehr

Digital High End

Universal all-rounder

admin - 08.07.2014 9:10


OPPO HA-1 Headphone Amplifier & DAC Discrete Class A Balanced Headphone Amplifier Asynchronous USB DAC Up to 384 kHz and ... mehr

Digital High End

Compact and noble

Lothar - 22.01.2014 16:52


Meridian Prime Headphone Amplifier and USB DAC Recently, the headphone market has greatly increased in popularity, and for many it ... mehr


Exceptional all-rounder

Lothar - 22.01.2014 15:28


Denon DA-300USB asynchronous USB DAC and Headphone Amp The new DA-300USB DAC boasts the same high definition Advanced AL32 signal ... mehr

Digital High End

Nuances and versatile

Lothar - 09.01.2014 10:25


Sony – HAP-Z1ES HDD Audio Player  Now you can enjoy music as the artist originally intended it to be heard. ... mehr


The all-round talent

Lothar - 02.12.2013 19:45


Cocktail Audio X30 – All–in–One HD music server/ network streamer/ CD player / ripper and amp The Cocktail Audio X30 ... mehr

Digital High End

One for all

Lothar - 26.10.2013 19:02


audiodata MusikServer MS I – Music-Server with ripping and backup options The audiodata MusikServer MS I has been designed to ... mehr


HighRes Wonder!

Lothar - 30.07.2013 20:10


FiiO X3 – portable Hi-Res audio player for all! Fiio X3 plays just about every lossless music. You might love ... mehr

Digital High End

The sound maker

Lothar - 10.07.2013 21:33


Jeff Rowland “Aeris” USB-DAC 96kHz The Aeris DAC combines over 25 years of analog audio expertise with the best outcomes ... mehr

Digital High End

Pretty and universal

Lothar - 30.06.2013 16:23


Lumin Audiophile Network Music Player 32bit/384kHz and DAC with DSD Lumin is a dedicated network Music server with a DAC ... mehr

Digital High End

Soul of the Music

Lothar - 27.06.2013 18:19


SOtM sDP-1000 PCM/DSD Audiophile 32bit DAC The SOtM sDP-1000 is an audiophile DAC and pre-amp that can be connected to ... mehr